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Ease Gout Pain with Homeopathy Treatment

What are the Primary Symptoms of Gout Pain Do you have pain in the…

Authored by: Dr Mukesh Batra

Homeopathy Treatment for Acne & Case Study

ACNE, or pimples, is a common skin blemish, or cosmetic embarrassment…

Authored by: Dr Mukesh Batra

Clinically Effective Homeopathy Treatment For Eczema

Homeopathy has for long emphasized the injurious effects of…

Authored by: Dr Mukesh Batra

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How to use Dr Batra’s Instant Hair fiber

How to use Dr Batra’s Instant Hair fiber

Do you often avoid going out because hiding those bald patches takes forever?…
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How to use Nutrigood in your daily routine?

How to use NutriGood in your daily routine

It is rightfully said; that you are what you eat. Your skin, your hair, and…
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The ultimate guide to hair loss treatment for men

Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Homeopathy

You are not alone if you suffer from hair thinning or hair loss. According to…
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Hair vitalizing treatment vs. GroHair Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Hairfall: Hair Vitalizing vs Grohair

Have you noticed an increase in your hair loss? It is thought to be a…
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Got damaged hair? Try new hair treatment

Homeopathic Hair Treatment for damaged hair

If your hair seems dry or brittle it may be due to lack of moisture. When the…
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Effective female hair loss treatment Tips in 2022

Female Hair Loss Homeopathic Treatment

When you think of "hair loss," you usually think of a receding hairline, bald…
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At home alopecia treatments

Alopecia Treatment in Homeopathy

Are you concerned about your receding hairline when you look in the mirror? Do…
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Non-surgical hair replacement vs. hair transplantation

Hair Loss Treatment in Homeopathy without Surgery

Hair loss that is excessive might have a negative impact on your self-esteem.…
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