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Piles - Overview

Piles, a common name for haemorrhoids, is the swelling of veins situated around the inner part of the anus. These veins may swell when they are irritated by the passing of stools. Piles tend to bleed easily when inflamed or infected. While passing stools, one may notice a gush of blood, from a few drops to a large amount. Bleeding and pain are often the only signs of piles. Most of the time, the bleeding is painless.

Haemorrhoids can be internal or external. When infected, they often become painful and itchy, causing difficulty in sitting and interfering with the patient’s day-to-day activities.

Even though piles are treatable, patients often neglect the treatment until the disease turns quite serious. If identified at an early stage, piles can be treated successfully with medicines and lifestyle changes.


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