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Obesity Treatment in Homeopathy for children.

Homeopathy effectively treats childhood obesity in many ways. Homeopathic medicines safely, and without any side-effects, increase the child’s metabolism, which is, otherwise, slow due to obesity. Our doctors assess the child’s lifestyle, temperament, behaviour, eating habits and any associated complaints that may arise due to childhood obesity.

Obesity Treatment in homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are individually selected based on the specific reasons that cause childhood obesity in different children. There are specific medicines in homeopathy, like Phytolacca, which help in reducing body fat without any side-effects. Besides medicines, lots of attention and guidance is required in diet, physical activity and handling the child’s temperament, with which a homeopath is well-versed. Homeopathy also helps to safely and effectively treat complications — both physical and emotional — that arise due to childhood obesity.


Why Dr Batra’s® for Obesity Treatment?

We, at Dr Batra’s™, are specialised in handling obesity in general and childhood obesity in particular. As discussed above, childhood obesity needs a multidisciplinary approach. We have a dedicated wing called BTrim that comprises expert dieticians and nutritionists who methodically and scientifically evaluate the child’s growth parameters and understand whether the child falls into the obese or overweight category. We have a team of paediatricians and endocrinologists who help us monitor the child for any secondary problems such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Our very senior and experienced team of homeopathic doctors systematically evaluate the child’s health, while we treat the child safely and surely through homeopathy. The child is monitored scientifically through BMI machines available at all our clinics. Our homeopaths work as a team comprising dieticians, paediatricians and endocrinologists to provide the best treatment outcome.


What is the recommended treatment for childhood obesity?

Treatment usually includes changes in your child's eating habits and level of physical activity. One of the most effective treatments for childhood obesity is a combination of lifestyle changes and homeopathy.

Which homeopathic medicine is good for weight loss?

Graphites, Calcarea carbonate, natrum muriaticum, Ignatia, and pulsatilla nigrans are some of the best homeopathic medicines for weight loss. Please do note that Homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment, so for a remedy best suited to your needs, we recommend you consult the local homeopath that will be able to assist you better.

What is the root cause of childhood obesity?

The root causes of childhood obesity are lifestyle factors such as insufficient physical activity and consuming too many calories from food and beverages. However, genetic and hormonal factors may also play a role.

Can obesity be cured?

Yes, lifestyle and dietary changes, along with homeopathy, are best to treat obesity. Obesity can be overcome by cutting calories and adopting healthier eating habits.

Is homeopathy good for the child?

Homeopathy is one of the safest forms of medicine as it is derived from plants, and has no side effects so it is highly recommended that parents use it to treat their children.

How serious is childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is very serious and should never be ignored because it can affect the child's quality of life and also lead to other health problems.

Is childhood obesity genetic?

Yes, genetics do play a significant role in childhood obesity. Obesity is more common in some children due to genetic factors. They have inherited genes from their parents that cause their bodies to gain weight quickly.

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