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Don't let them call your child skinny.

Poor Weight Gain

Parents' concerns about their children’s slow development in height and weight are commonplace. Many even wonder about their children’s poor appetite, despite providing them with tasty, nutritious foods at home.

Underlying causes range from inadequate nourishment, food intolerance, frequent illnesses, worms and eating disorders to mental illnesses. Moreover, some children suffer from frequent stomach pains, bloating, vomiting after consuming certain foods that contain wheat, proteins, milk, etc. - indicating food sensitivity.

Timely medical intervention, however, can speed up the growth of the child, prevent complications later during puberty and ward off other deficiencies, namely, anaemia and weak bones. With proper nourishment, the child’s concentration and poor memory can be markedly improved.



I have taken treatment by DR. PRAKRATI in dr. Batra's homeopathy, my weight in the beginning was 37kg and now it is 43 kg only in month She is best doctor I advise to everyone, please go once Thank you dr. PRAKRATI JAIN

Keertika Patel

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