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Hair Consultation Includes:
Video Hair Microscopic Test Video Hair Microscopic Test
FDA Approved Hair Treatment FREE Session of US- FDA Approved Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment Specialist Doctor 30-40 minutes detailed hair consultation
Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Suiting your needs


Treatment For Hair Fall
Hair Fall Treatment in Homeopathy

Latest Cutting-edge Technology using Plant Plasma rich with Polypeptides

FDA Approved Hair Serum

FDA Approved
Hair Serum

Faster Hair Fall Treatment Outcome

Faster Treatment

Cost Effective Hair Treatment

Cost- Effective

Increases Hair Growth

Increases Hair Growth

92% Positive Hair Fall Treatment Results

92% Positive Results

Makes Hair Thicker with Hair Treatment

Makes Hair

More Effective than PRP-Journal of Cosmetic

More Effective than PRP-Journal of Cosmetic

Significantly Reduces Hair Fall

Significantly Reduces
Hair Fall

Thickens Hair Follicles

Thickens Hair Follicles



Treatment Of Hair
Hair Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment
Treatment For Hair Loss
Hair Regrowth




Homeopathy Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss is a common occurrence. Children can also experience it, though older adults tend to experience it more frequently. It is also directly linked with an individual’s social and psychological behavior. Hair fall can be a depressing experience, and it is critical to understand your alternatives. Hair is one of a person's greatest attributes. It may make or break your appearance, so it's critical to keep your hair healthy.

While hair loss can be an upsetting and emotionally draining issue, the good news is that it is almost always treatable with safe and effective hair fall treatments.


Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. Some common causes are as follows

  • Genes

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Stress

  • Lifestyle Habits (Smoking, Alcohol)

  • Dietary Deficiency

  • Age

  • Some Medication


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How Does Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Fall Help

Homeopathy treatment for hair fall is safe, natural, and effective in contrast to conventional topical hair fall treatments or injections, which can result in chemical burns and scarring of the affected area, which is irreversible damage. The homeopathic treatment significantly reduces stress while also improving the general quality of life.

One of the best hair fall treatments in homeopathy. Homeopathy treatment for hair fall significantly aids in hair regrowth and efficiently reduces bald areas. A research study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that hair loss can be effectively treated with natural homeopathic medicines like Thuja Occidentalis and Sabal Serrulata.

The goal of homeopathy treatment for hair fall is to address the root cause of hair loss rather than just relieve symptoms. Homeopathic treatment helps people of all ages and stages of life, including infants and lactating mothers.


Dr Batra’s® International Hair Fall Treatments

Dr Batra's® Healthcare is a trusted household name for its natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical hair fall treatments. The treatment combines the goodness of homeopathy with internationally approved hair aesthetic treatments for a natural, painless, safe, and long-term solution.

  1. Dr Batra's® New Hair

  2. Dr Batra's® STM

  3. Dr Batra's® GroHair

  4. Dr Batra's® Hair Vitalizing Treatment


Remember that hair loss is an issue that requires a customized treatment before selecting a hair fall treatment. When selecting a hair fall treatment, it is important to take into account your hair and scalp's health as well as your level of baldness, safety, and other treatment advantages.

Our homeopathic trichologist at Dr Batra's® will conduct a video-microscopy test and then develop a personalized hair fall treatment using the medical science of homeopathy. Homeopathy, along with scientifically approved aesthetic hair fall treatments, gets enhanced results. We offer lifestyle and nutritional advice for the patient's overall health, together with homeopathic hair fall treatment. Dr Batra's® has successfully treated over 600,000 hair patients.


New Hair Treatment

A cutting-edge, internationally recognized method for regenerating hair that combines the benefits of homeopathy with biological growth stimulants.

Benefits of Dr Batra's® New Hair

  • Combines Goodness Of Homeopathy

  • FDA Approved

  • Non-Invasive

  • Painless

  • Visible Results in 10 Sessions

  • Cost-Effective

  • Faster

5 Steps Procedure

  1. Hydration & Nourishment:

    Deeply cleanses the scalp's pore structure, opening it up to allow the nourishing serum to better penetrate the scalp.
  2. Heating:

    Heating the scalp to increase blood circulation for better absorption.
  3. Serum & Derma Roller:

    Applying plant plasma polypeptide hair serum and then using a derma roller to promote tissue regeneration.
  4. Electroporation:

    Electroporation for infusion for further penetration
  5. Cooling:

    Electroporation probe at -10 degrees to close the pores and soothe the scalp


STM Cell Treatment

State-of-the-art technology from France, STM Cell therapy uses Korean serums containing plant stem cells and multivitamins.

Benefits of Dr Batra's® STM

  • No Side Effects
  • Visible Results in 10 Weeks
  • Renew Hair Follicles
  • Thickens Hair
  • 88% Success Rate

5 Steps Procedure

  1. Meso Peel:

    Deep cleans the scalp
  2. Laser Comb:

    Instantly improves blood circulation, enhancing the treatment
  3. Heating at 40 degrees:

    Opens up the scalp pores
  4. STM Cell Serum and DermaRoller:

    Rejuvenates the hair
  5. Electroporation with Cooling at 10 degrees:

    For better penetration of STM Cell serum and closing of pores


groHair Treatment

French technology, based on a 2003 Nobel Prize-winning discovery, increases hair volume using electroporation, a process in which a hair serum containing DHT inhibitors enters the scalp and promotes hair growth. The process is painless and without any side effects.

Benefits of Dr Batra's® gro Hair

  • Non Needle
  • Painless
  • Improves Hair Volume
  • Visible Results in 10 Weeks
  • No Side Effects
  • 77% Success Rate

5 Steps Procedure

  1. Meso Peel:

    Deep cleanse the scalp with meso peel
  2. Laser Comb:

    Instantly improves blood circulation, enhancing the treatment.
  3. Heating by Meso machine:

    Opens up the scalp pores.
  4. Electroporation by Meso Machine:

    Transdermal medical recovery
  5. Cooling by Meso Machine:

    Closes the open scalp pores.


Hair Vitalizing Treatment

It is a procedure for hair rejuvenation that is incredibly effective. This low-level light therapy encourages the growth of thick, full, and healthy hair by boosting cellular activity. It has no pain and no negative side effects.

Benefits of Dr Batra's® Hair Vitalizing Treatment

  • Combines Goodness Of Homeopathy
  • FDA Approved
  • Painless
  • No Side Effects
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Prevent Hair Breakage
  • Prevent Hair Fall
  • Cost-Effective
  • 20 Minutes Procedure
  • Results in 10 weeks

2 Steps Procedure

  1. Application:

    sectioning of hair and application of homeopathic medicine
  2. Low laser light therapy:

    It aids in the penetration of homeopathic medications and activates the hair follicles to reduce hair loss.


Our Hair Experts will recommend homeopathy plus any one of the above international hair fall treatments to their patients depending on the conditions and medical ailments mentioned in their detailed homeopathic medical report.


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Homeopathy treatment is the best treatment for hair fall and the most recommended solution. Homeopathy treatment for hair fall addresses the underlying root cause and gives long-lasting results. This treatment is 100% natual, safe & effective. Our Hair doctors along with homeopathy also suggest internationally approved aesthetic hair treatments for enhanced results. These treatments are proven to control hair fall, revives hair follicles, and boost natural hair growth.
There are 40 types of hairloss and homeopathy has a solution to each one of them. Some of the most common causes of hair loss include medical conditions, nutritional deficiency, medications, stress, genetics, and side effects of conventional hair fall treatments. The Hair Specialists at Dr Batra’s® conduct a detailed hair consultation and then customise a hair fall treatment suitable to your needs.
Homeopathy treatment for hairfall is the most prefered and recommended solution to stop hairfall. Homeopathy treatment targets the root cause of the hair concern, after carefully analyzing the patient's history and taking into account their lifestyle, sensitivities, and the severity of the hair loss. Post the consultation Our hair doctors along with homeopathy also suggest internationally approved aesthetic hair treatments for enhanced results.
Yes, homeopathy is scientifically proven and has a 91% efficacy in treating hair fall. Homeopathy is the only system of that treats the root cause of hair loss and gives visible results. This treatment is 100% Natural, Safe, Effective and has no side effects. Along with Homeopathy our hair doctors also suggest international approved hair fall treatments for enhaced results by controlling hair fall and boosting hair growth.
Homeopathy medicines are safe and effective for hair fall. Homeopathy, along with internationally approved hair fall treatments, controlls hair fall and boosts hair growth and give you visible results in just 10 weeks.
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