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Hair Consultation Includes:
Video Hair Microscopic Test Video Hair Microscopic Test
FDA Approved Hair Treatment FREE Session of US- FDA Approved Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment Specialist Doctor 30-40 minutes detailed hair consultation
Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Suiting your needs


Treatment For Hair Fall
Hair Fall Treatment in Homeopathy

Latest Cutting-edge Technology using Plant Plasma rich with Polypeptides

FDA Approved Hair Serum

FDA Approved
Hair Serum

Faster Hair Fall Treatment Outcome

Faster Treatment

Cost Effective Hair Treatment

Cost- Effective

Increases Hair Growth

Increases Hair Growth

92% Positive Hair Fall Treatment Results

92% Positive Results

Makes Hair Thicker with Hair Treatment

Makes Hair

More Effective than PRP-Journal of Cosmetic

More Effective than PRP-Journal of Cosmetic

Significantly Reduces Hair Fall

Significantly Reduces
Hair Fall

Thickens Hair Follicles

Thickens Hair Follicles



Treatment Of Hair
Hair Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment
Treatment For Hair Loss
Hair Regrowth

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There are many methods and hair loss treatments available. However, homeopathy is the most effective natural hair fall treatment. You can also use onion juice, egg hair mask, green tea hair cleanser or aloe vera hair mask as a natural treatment for hair loss at home.
Homeopathic treatment for hair fall addresses the underlying root cause to reduce the recurrence and give long-lasting results; this makes homeopathy the best hair fall treatment. Hair fall treatment in homeopathy helps to control hair fall and aids in hair regrowth. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the most common conventional hair fall treatments. However, once you stop taking these hair falling treatments, your hair may fall faster than before.
There are many hair loss treatments that you can opt for to stop hair loss. However, with a basic hair fall routine, you can curb hair fall problems easily. The routine includes:Use a mild shampoo, Intake of Vitamin A & E, Enrich diet with protein, Scalp massage, Keep yourself hydrated. Sometimes, a hair loss condition may also cause hair fall for which you will need a in-depth treatment for hair fall. Homeopathy hair fall treatment can be taken along with your basic hair fall routine care or other hair treatments without causing any adverse interactions or reactions.
There can be many reasons for hair loss which include diet, medical condition, nutritional deficiency, medications, stress, genetics and side effect of a conventional hair loss treatment. A hair specialist can detect its cause and provide a hair falling treatment.
There are many foods that have been shown to trigger hair loss. Foods like sugar, bread, refined flour, fried foods, alcohol and diet soda can increase testerstone level or reduces hair treatment effectiveness and cause hair loss. Homeopathic dermatologists provide an individualized diet plan if necessary along with a treatment for hair fall.
Consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juices like Kiwi, aloe vera, spinach or cucumber will supply you with all the essential nutrients and work great as a hair falling treatment. Homeopathic medicines for hair fall treatment are made out of natural substances including fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers minerals, etc.
There can be multiple reasons behind excessive hair loss. The most common cause of excessive hair loss can be hereditary male or female-pattern baldness. Hair loss can also occur due to the intervention of various factors in the hair growth cycle. Major illnesses, surgeries, hormonal changes, traumatic events or side effects of conventional hair falling treatment can trigger hair loss.
There can be several reasons why one experiences hair loss, such as stress, medications, bad diet, age, excessive smoking, illnesses, hormonal imbalance, side-effect from conventional treatment of hair and family history. However, hair loss may be a sign of a more serious medical condition that needs an evaluation by a dermatologist for a possible hair loss treatment.

Hair Fall Treatment at Dr Batra's™

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Hair Fall Treatment with Homeopathy for Bioengineered Hair

Can hair loss be reversed or stopped? Will my lost hair ever grow back?

These questions plague many people who suffer from hair loss problems. Hair plays an essential role in our overall appearance. Therefore, people suffering from different types of hair loss, often find themselves stressed about their increasing hair fall.

If you too are troubled with these questions and are looking for sustainable solutions that can stop your hair fall or help in hair regrowth, then you’re on the right page.

To begin with, it is important to understand that hair loss is a medical condition and not a cosmetic problem. There are more than 40 different types of hair loss. To ensure you get the best hair fall treatment to enable hair regrowth, it is essential to identify the root cause of your hair loss. This is where homeopathy comes into the picture. Homeopathic hair loss treatment addresses all underlying factors responsible for hair loss conditions and gently aid in hair regrowth.


Why choose hair fall treatment at Dr Batra's®?

90% of the patients who come to us for hair loss problems suffer from some underlying medical ailment.

At Dr Batra’s®, we provide holistic hair fall treatment solutions for hair regrowth. Our expert homeopathic doctors diagnose the root cause of your hair loss and prescribe the most suitable homeopathic medicine for hair growth. Along with this, our aestheticians combine the medication with the latest techniques for hair regrowth to get you the best hair fall treatment.

Over the past 35 years, we have successfully treated over 7 lakh patients suffering from hair problems. Owing to the customized hair loss treatments we offer our patients, we have achieved a 96.6% success rate in hair fall control as well as hair regrowth (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors).


How homeopathic hair fall treatment helped our patients:

Dr Batra's® Hair Fall Treatment

Umesh D, Satellite Road

"I had started losing hair at an early age. I had lost almost 50% of my hair before I started hair loss treatment at Dr Batra's®. With this treatment, my hair fall has reduced and I can see my existing hair growing better. I am very happy with the results."


An independent study conducted by AC Nielson showed the following results:

Homeopathy Hair loss Treatment

  • 90% of Dr Batra’s® patients are satisfied with the hair fall treatments and will not switch to conventional treatments.
  • 73% of patients, who received allopathic and homeopathic hair loss treatment earlier, recommend Dr Batra’s® as the best solution for their hair fall problem.


What to expect during your consultation at Dr Batra's®?

Medical Assessment: At your first consultation, our doctor will spend about 30-45 minutes understanding your case history. This is important for us to understand the root cause of your hair loss and the extent of your condition.

Scientific Assessment: Our doctors will conduct a scalp analysis through a video microscopy test which magnifies your scalp up to 200 times. This helps the doctor identify the extent of the problem as well as the degree of miniaturization of the hair follicles.

Genetic Assessment: Geno Homeopathy is a revolutionary, scientific, safe, and precise gene-targeted homeopathic therapy. This test helps to identify the strength of the hair loss gene, predicts the probability of going bald, and identifies the possible genetic factors that can cause hair loss. Since Geno Homeopathy is based on your unique genetic predisposition, it is the most individualized and customized hair fall treatment for you.

Answering queries: Once the assessment of the problem is completed, our expert doctors will then answer any questions you might have. We suggest you write down your queries beforehand so that you can ask the doctor about them.

Treatment Plan: Based on your diagnosis, age, the extent of hair loss, and your expectations from the treatment, our doctors will put together a customized hair fall treatment plan for you.

Dr Batra's® follows an integrated approach for hair regrowth. It combines homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements, and aesthetic treatments to bring the best hair fall treatment results. While homeopathy forms the core of hair fall treatment, it can be supplemented by various other treatment options to enhance hair regrowth as listed below:

Homeopathy Hair loss Treatment


Dr Batra's® Homeopathy Treatment

  • A first of its kind non-invasive natural plant based Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. Combining the goodness of homeopathy and biological growth factors, this, FDA approved, bio-engineered hair fall treatment is guaranteed to give you visible results in just six sessions.
  • For the first time in India, hairfall patients will now get access to a bio-engineered hair follicle treatment that stimulates hair follicles for new hair growth and thickens existing hair. This hair regrowth solution is a painless non surgical hair replacement treatment that treats dandruff and decreases hair loss using plant plasma that possesses a variety of growth factors and proteins similar to ensure accelerated new hair growth in the fastest possible duration.
  • According to clinical studies conducted on 1000 patients, 83% showed significant reduction in hairfall, a marked increase in hair volume, improvement in the thickness of each individual hair shaft and a continued increase in the density of the hair even after a year of treatment.
  • With plant plasma polypeptide with growth factors, copper tripeptide, thymisine and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, ‘Dr Batra’s New Hair’ consists of a 5 step treatment regime. This cutting edge technologically advanced process can be conducted while the hair cycle is in the hair loss or talogen phase and thereby reduces the loss of hair faster.


groHair Treatment

  • groHAIR uses a French technology based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.
  • It is the first non-invasive hair fall treatment in India.
  • This technique stimulates hair regrowth without any side-effects.
  • It improves hair volume and strengthens the hair.
  • You can see visible results in 5 weeks.
  • This technique has a 77% success rate as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.


STM Cell Treatment

  • It is the latest revolutionary hair fall treatment brought to India by Dr Batra’s®.
  • The therapy uses a South Korean innovation that works on stem cells to promote hair regrowth.
  • This hair fall treatment involves minimal or no pain.
  • It restores cellular multiplication and cellular growth by improving the blood circulation.
  • This technique restores hair follicles to their original size and minimises hair thinning.
  • You can see visible results in 6 weeks without any side-effects.
  • This technique has an 88% success rate as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.


Hair Vitalizing Treatment

  • It is a US-FDA approved hair therapy that can aid in hair fall treatment.
  • It stimulates hair regrowth and reduces hair breakage.
  • You can see visible results in 5 weeks without any side-effects.
  • This technique has a 90% success rate as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.


Dr Batra's® Homeopathy Treatment

  • Homeopathy is a natural, safe, and effective medium for hair regrowth.
  • Homeopathic hair fall treatment is selected and customized based on your medical history.
  • Hair regrowth medicine in homeopathy targets the root cause of hair fall, which slows down hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.
  • It effectively treats the underlying causes of hair loss such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, low immunity, and so on.
  • Homeopathic hair fall treatment is safe and easy to follow. There is no fear of side-effects when it comes to homeopathic hair growth remedies.
  • Minimal dietary restrictions may be involved, if deemed necessary.
  • 96.6% of the patients are satisfied with our homeopathic hair loss treatments, as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.


Hair Transplant

  • Dr Batra’s® Hair Transplant reverses baldness and restores your natural hairline.
  • The procedure is carried out by internationally trained surgeons.
  • It employs international techniques of FUE & FUT.
  • It is a trusted and scientific approach.


Geno Hair Treatment

  • It is a revolutionary, scientific, safe, and precise gene-targeted homeopathic therapy.
  • It gives 99.9% accurate test results.
  • It can predict hereditary hair loss. Hence, it can be instrumental in determining the most suitable hair loss treatment for you.
  • This homeopathic therapy can give long-term results.


Instant Hair Treatment

  • Dr Batra’s® Instant Hair contains artificial microfibres that give an appearance of a full head of hair.
  • It covers bald patches in just 30 seconds.
  • It gives an appearance of natural-looking hair that will last until the next wash.
  • It is non-toxic and free of side-effects.
  • It is resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.


Dr Batra's® Hair Product

  • Dr Batra’s® brings a wide range of products formulated by Trichologists.
  • These are natural and safe products that control hair fall and boost hair growth.
  • The products are enriched with the benefits of natural plant extracts for healthy hair.


Quik Hair Treatment

  • Dr Batra’s® Quik Hair is a revolutionary hair system.
  • They are toupees & wigs of international quality made from natural hair.
  • It can give an appearance of a head full of hair instantly.


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