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Losing control ?
We relieve you from the pressure.

Relieve your pressure by getting Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Homeopathy for Male & Female.

Homeopathy is known to treat the root cause of the disease without any side-effects; it also takes care of the psychological damages caused by this condition.

Conventional treatment Possible side-effects of conventional treatment Advantages of homeopathy
Prolonged coughing and sneezing Anti-allergic medicines help to some extent and for a limited period of time Homeopathy is known to treat allergies from the root, thus preventing allergies and controlling urinary incontinence
Obesity Specific medicines with short-term relief Treats the underlying cause of obesity, thereby preventing obesity as well as urinary incontinence
Prostate enlargement Surgery A clinical trial conducted in in the Department of Biophysics, Washington, suggests that homeopathic medicines inhibit prostate enlargement
Pelvic floor exercise Physiotherapy Physiotherapy, along with homeopathy, will speed up recovery


Why Dr Batra's for Urinary Incontinence Treatment?

At Dr Batra’s™, our doctors employ an integrated approach based on causative factors, type and severity of urinary incontinence, and prescribe a customised treatment plan that includes the following:

  • prescribing specific homeopathic medicines to strengthen and improve bladder control
  • prescribing medicines to help patients control their anxiety
  • treating and correcting underlying diseases, such as bladder stones, infections, fibroids, urinary tract infection, etc.
  • treating associated recurring skin complications that may arise due to urinary incontinence
  • suggesting lifestyle changes
  • suggesting exercise to strengthen pelvic muscles
  • counselling and providing emotional support to the patient

Thus, over a period of time, the patient will notice the following changes in their health:

  • reduced tendency to get infections
  • improved bladder control
  • reduced stress
  • reduced fear of public embarrassment
  • improved quality of life


What are the 4 types of incontinence?

The 4 types of incontinence are Stress incontinence, Urge incontinence, Overflow incontinence and Functional incontinence.

Can urinary incontinence be cured in homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment is highly effective in case of urinary incontinence. Studies and research from top institutions have found Homeopathy to be one of the best and safest line of treatments to treat issue of urinary incontinence.

How can I reduce incontinence?

Pelvic exercises, cutting down on alcohol, smoking and caffeine, weight control and Homeopathy can help reduce incontinence.

What is the best homeopathic medicine for frequent urination?

Depending upon the symptoms, case diagnosis and other factors a Homeopathy expert will recommend Homeopathic medicines such as Cantharis, Belladonna, Nux Vomica, Berberis Vulgaris, Sarsaparilla, Borax among others. Please do note that Homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment, so for a remedy best suited to your needs, we recommend you consult your local homeopath who will be able to assist you better.

Can Homeopathy treat bladder problems?

Yes, bladder problems can be treated from its roots with Homeopathy.

How do you stop urine leakage?

Emptying the bladder regularly, avoiding drinking alcohol and caffeine, along with taking Homeopathy treatment can help stop urine leakage.

Why am I leaking urine overnight?

Primary reasons for leaking urine overnight are bladder issues, UTI, pregnancy, aging and more.

Is there any homeopathic medicine for overactive bladder?

Yes, there are many medicines in Homeopathy to treat overactive bladder problem from the roots.

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