Homeopathy - Consulting At Dr Batra’S™

Consulting our homeopathic doctors at Dr Batra’s™ is unique and different from a regular consultation with family doctors or allopathic specialists. The average time required for your first consultation with our doctors may range from 20-45 minutes. This first consultation usually helps doctors understand what exactly you are suffering from and how homeopathy can help you.

During this consultation, our doctors understand the problem for which you have approached them. They will also enquire about any other health problems you may be suffering. They will ask questions related to your past history, family history, details of your previous treatments and their outcome.

They will study your previous consultation reports and conduct a physical examination. Certain tests might be done to check your hair or skin to confirm the diagnosis. On the basis of this detailed consultation, they will arrive at a conclusion about the exact nature of your illness and how homeopathy can help you.

A second, more detailed appointment will be scheduled to gather further details on all your complaints from a homeopathic point of view. This is done to understand how your migraine or sinus, for example, is different from another person also suffering from the same ailment. These details help the doctors understand the characteristics and unique features of your illness.

Apart from your illness, our doctors will also try to understand how unique and peculiar your nature, temperament, likes and dislikes are. To understand this, they may have to discuss your personal, family, work and social life.

Based on all the gathered information, a suitable homeopathic medicine will be suggested for you. Instructions to take this medicine, along with self-help caring tips, will be explained carefully to you. Follow-up visits are scheduled thereafter. Usually, such visits are planned on a monthly basis, but they can be scheduled more frequently, depending on the nature of your condition and the demands of your treatment.

During these follow-up visits, our doctors evaluate each and every symptom to see if it is getting better or worse, or completely cured. Your doctor will know the exact reason for the changes in your condition and plan the next course of treatment accordingly.

Photographs and reports are saved in the system along with details of your symptoms in order to maintain the prognosis. Our doctors may advise a basic blood investigation, x ray or sonography to arrive at a diagnosis or monitor the progress during the course of treatment.