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Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment & Homeopathic Medicine

According to an article published in the Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine, upper respiratory tract infections(URTIs) are one of the most common infections that affect people. URTIs affect the nasal passage, throat, pharynx, larynx and bronchi. Some of the common infections affecting the upper respiratory tract include:

URTI Treatment

Rhinitis – Irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose. It can be categorized into allergic or non-allergic rhinitis.

Sinusitis –Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses

Common cold- Inflammation of the membranes that line the nose and throat

Pharyngitis –Inflammation of the pharynx in the back of the throat

Tonsillitis - Inflammation of the tonsils (2 oval shaped pads of tissues in the back of the throat)

Laryngitis - Inflammation of the larynx (voice box)

Epiglottitis - Inflammation of the epiglottis (the flap at the base of the tongue which prevents food from entering the windpipe)

Tracheitis – Inflammation of the trachea

Accurate diagnosis is imperative for an ideal upper respiratory tract infection treatment. It is not advisable to take antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection treatment, unless the infection is caused due to bacteria. Most upper respiratory tract infections are contagious in nature. Therefore, any symptoms of URTIs require medical attention. Homeopathy is a safe and effective medium for URTI treatment.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural ingredients. They are therefore free from harmful side-effects and can be safely taken over a period of time. URTI treatment in homeopathy goes to the root cause of the URTI and treats it to ensure long-term relief. Homeopathic upper respiratory tract infection treatment helps improve immunity. This, in turn, aids in bringing down the intensity, frequency and duration of URTIs. Homeopathy is particularly good for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection in children, as the medicines are free from side-effects and are non-habit-forming. They are also sweet to taste and hence can be easily taken by children.

A study published in The Karger journal evaluated the clinical benefit of a homeopathic add-on therapy.Patients aged between 1 to 65 years, with feverish URTI, were included in the randomized,controlled, multinational clinical trial.One group received on-demand symptomatic standard treatment (paracetamol, ambroxol and/or oxymetazoline) and another group received homeopathic medication plus the same on-demand standard treatment for 7 days. The second group used less symptomatic medication and the symptoms were alleviated 1–2 days earlier. The results showed that homeopathic treatment shortened URTI duration, reduced the use of symptomatic medication and was well tolerated.

Why Dr Batra’s® for treatment of upper respiratory tract infection in children

At Dr Batra’s™, more than 1 lakh patients have been successfully treated with the goodness of homeopathy over the past 35 years. With a patient satisfaction rate of 94% (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors),our expert homeopathic doctors go to the root cause of the URTI to prescribe a suitable upper respiratory tract infection treatment. Our doctors customize URTI treatment plans for every patient, keeping in mind his/her unique symptoms and causes. This helps control the symptoms, increase the disease-free period, build immunity and curb the duration without any side-effects.


How do you treat URTI?

As URTIs are generally contagious in nature, timely URTI treatment is important. Certain over-the-counter oral or topical decongestants, steroids or nasal drops are available for URTI treatment. However, these may not be free from side-effects. A safe and effective mode of upper respiratory tract infection treatment is through homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural ingredients and are free from toxic side-effects. At Dr Batra’sTM,our expert homeopathic doctors diagnose theroot cause of the URTI after taking down a thorough case history of the patient. They then put together a personalized URTI treatment plan to address the condition. This ensures you experience long-term relief from it. Book an appointment with our expert homeopathic doctors by clicking https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment.

What is the fastest way to cure an upper respiratory infection?

When it comes to upper respiratory tract infections, the fastest mode may not be the best URTI treatment. To prevent recurrence of URTIs, it is imperative to treat the condition from the root. This is where homeopathy comes into the picture. A homeopath will note down your detailed medical history, family history, eating and sleeping habits, work-related information, etc. to understand the root cause of your URTI. He/she will then customize a homeopathic upper respiratory tract infection treatment plan which will best address your problem. It may take some time, but the homeopathic treatment provides long-term relief and is a safer mode of treatment as it is free from side-effects.

Is URTI serious?

Upper respiratory tract infections affect the nasal passage and throat. They are also contagious. Therefore, they most definitely should not be ignored. Considering URTIs are quite common, how serious your infection is depends on the severity of your symptoms. Timely and effective medical attention can help control and manage the condition better. If you are looking for a safe medium for URTI treatment, homeopathy can help. Homeopathic upper respiratory tract infection treatment addresses the root causes of the condition as well as any underlying and associated problems. Thus it ensures holistic healing.

How long does it take to recover from URTI?

The period of recovery depends on the severity of the symptoms. Time also plays an important role. The sooner you start URTI treatment, the better and faster will be your recovery. It is important to opt for a mode of treatment that is safe and offers relief for a long period of time. Homeopathic upper respiratory tract infection treatment is effective and safe. It helps in managing the symptoms of URTI, reduces the duration and intensity of the infection and also prevents its recurrence.

Do I need antibiotics for upper respiratory infection?

As most of the upper respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses, antibiotics are not required and will not help in the treatment. Only if the URTI is caused due to bacteria will antibiotics be prescribed. A natural and safe medium of URTI treatment is through homeopathy. The expert homeopathic doctors at Dr Batra’sTM will customize a suitable upper respiratory tract infection treatment plan for you based on your unique symptoms and causes. As homeopathic medicines are free from side-effects, they are recommended for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection in children. Book an appointment with us on https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment to understand how homeopathy can help you in upper respiratory tract infection treatment.

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