If you are a homeopath and are looking out for a place where you can make a difference, Dr Batra's™ is the ideal place for you to be. An institution with over 115 years of cumulative experience, Dr Batra’s offers the best opportunities in the industry to homeopaths.

Of course, it's not a piece of cake to become a part of the esteemed team in the first place, but once you're in, there's a lot in store for you. A different world awaits you at Dr Batra's™ one that provides you with ample opportunities to touch the lives of people around you to make a difference to the society you live in.

Few of the advantages of being a doctor at Dr Batra's™ are listed here the rest is for you to experience yourself:

  • Rich experience of treating 800 to 1000 patients a month
  • Sharing the experiences of other 250+ doctors
  • Bank of 7 lakh cases to derive learning from
  • Back-up of 250+ doctors for cross-references
  • Experience of treating rare and difficult cases
  • Recognition and rewards for good cures
  • 10-year career map charted out
  • Classical homeopathic practice
  • Best-in-the-industry compensation
  • More than 500 hours of CME per doctor per year to keep abreast of the latest in medicine
  • Training programs conducted by national and international experts (dermatologists, trichologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, etc.)
  • Set protocols for treatment as per Harvard standards
  • Opportunity to contribute to society by way of charitable clinics run by Dr Batra's™
  • Ample opportunities for homeopaths for non-clinical posts such as in R&D, Training, HR, PR, etc.

What's more, Dr Batra's™ is amongst the top Best Places To Work For in India and our doctors' attrition rate is less than 2% annually (which means they prefer to 'stick to us' for long). Here is a glimpse of an independent survey conducted amongst 1000 employees of Dr Batra's™ which clearly shows Dr Batra's™ having better scores that the top 50 companies in the area of job satisfaction.