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After struggling with acne for so long. I found Dr. Batra's® & their treatment gave me incredible results! My skin cleared up within a few months, and now I feel more confident than ever. Thank you, Dr. Batra's®!

Kalyan, Mumbai

Hair Fall Treatment

I was struggling with stubborn painful acne, my friend suggested me Dr. Batra's® their treatment worked wonders, and now I have clear, radiant skin. Thank you Dr. Batra's®.

Panchkula, Haryana


Hair loss was a constant worry until I discovered Dr. Batra's®. Their personalized treatment plan addressed the root cause, and now I have thicker, healthier hair. Thank you, Dr. Batra's®.

Agra, Delhi


After struggling with hair loss for so long, I decided to try Dr. Batra's® treatment. The results were amazing! My hair feels thicker, stronger, and healthier than ever. Thank you, Dr. Batra's®, for helping me regain my hair & confidence!

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair & Skin Treatment
Ai Skin Pro
Ai Skin Pro logo

AI-powered hair treatments are now available in India. The technology used is from South Korea. Made by experienced scientists in medical devices, this is a major innovation in treating hair

New Hair Treatment
New Hair

FDA-approved hair treatment uses advanced technology and plant-based ingredients for noticeable hair growth in 10 sessions.

Ai Skin Pro
Ai Skin Pro logo

First time in India, a 5th generation AI-powered skin analyzer from South Korea can detect 11 skin conditions at once. Get AI-Powered diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments.


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“I used to go a homeopathic doctor as I was scared of needles”

M.S. Dhoni
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“I love the sweet Homeopathy Pills”

Sonakshi Sinha
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“I believe in the power of Homeopathy”

Shahrukh Khan

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Patient Review

Watch how Homeopathy helped this man's 3 yr-old daughter fight hairfall.

Patient treatment review

Click to watch how this patient got fantastic results with the help of Homeopathic Medicines.

Homeopathy Patient Review

See how this lady saw drastic improvement in her Hair growth in just over 2 months with the help of Homeopathy.

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The House of Doctors
Hair Fall Control Serum by Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Daily Care Shampoo

A Professional Shampoo that cleanses clogged hair follicles and the scalp without stripping off the natural oils

Hair Fall Control Shampoo by Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Dandruff Clear Shampoo

A Professional shampoo that visibly reduces dandruff, relieves itching, moisturizes & nourishes the scalp.

Normal Homeopathy Shampoo by Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil

Non-sticky formula nourishes hair follicles to boost hair growth, leaving hair stronger from the inside and shinier on the outside

Anti Dandruff Hair Kit by Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Hair Fall Control Shampoo

A Professional Shampoo that reduces hair fall, improves hair texture and maintains the pH balance of the scalp, leaving the hair nourished and strong

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What conditions/ailments can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy can effectively treat a variety of conditions such as hair, skin, allergies, arthritis, asthma, migraines, and diabetes. Advocates promote homeopathy as a natural remedy for asthma, colic, ear infections, ADHD, menstrual disorders, and PCOS.
Homeopathy has significantly improved recovery and management of many conditions once considered incurable.

How does homeopathic medicine differ from conventional medicine?

Is homeopathy a safe treatment?

How long does it typically take to see results from homeopathic treatment?

Are homeopathic remedies safe for children and pregnant women?

What makes Dr Batra's Homeopathic Clinic stand out in the field of homeopathy?

What can I expect during my first appointment at Dr Batra's?

Is Dr Batra's homeopathy treatment costly?

How does Dr Batra's integrate international aesthetic treatments with homeopathy?

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