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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect married women more commonly. They often have to deal with abdominal discomfort, pain and burning sensations while passing urine. Though antibiotic treatment provides temporary relief, as the condition recurs, it is distressing to their physical and mental health, often posing as a hindrance to their married life. Many even avoid intimacy, and are frightened, confused or unable to express themselves openly. Thus, young and sexually active women develop a condition known as honeymoon pyelitis.

Even menopausal women may suffer from UTIs, largely owing to the lack of oestrogen, which protects the vagina from bad bacteria and prevents infections.

Men and children have also shown susceptibility to UTIs, though in smaller numbers. Elderly men with enlarged prostates seem to develop frequent UTIs owing to the retained urine in their bladder. Poor hygiene, ill health, malnourishment, and kidney and bladder stones are linked to frequent UTIs among children.

In case of diabetics or obese people, matters can become more complicated, as they may end up with a kidney infection.

In recent years, drug resistance has increased with an alarming rate; the probable reason might be an abuse of antibiotics, thanks to easily available over-the-counter drugs. Ignoring such conditions can result in kidney damage and increased drug dependency.


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