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Acne Treatment using Homeopathy Medicine

Acne is a skin disorder triggered by multiple factors such as hormones, food, climate, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress. It generally occurs when the hair follicles on your skin get blocked with excess sebum (oil) or dead skin cells. In severe cases, acne can appear frequently and can get worse due to hormonal changes.

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Acne Treatment

Homeopathy offers a safe and natural treatment for acne. The homeopathic medicine for acne eliminates eruptions over a period of time and prevents further outbreaks.

Homeopathic advantage

Conventional treatment Disadvantages of conventional treatments Advantages of homeopathic treatment for acne
Cosmetic products like creams, gels and soaps Underlying disease not corrected Treats the underlying factors

* Treatment effects may vary from person to person

Homeopathic medicines for acne:

  1. Calcarea sulph – This acne medicine is helpful in cases of cystic acne. Lesions that appear due to this type of acne do not usually heal quickly. This homeopathy medicine for acne is best suited for individuals who have a tendency to get infections of sinuses, ears and tonsils.
  2. Kali bromatum – This is an effective acne treatment for people who had persistent acne scars during their teenage years and continue to have it through adulthood. It helps treat acne scars along with associated psychological problems such as fidgeting of hands and feet, unpleasant dreams, restless sleep and teeth grinding.
  3. Pulsatilla – It is an effective treatment for acne in young girls. This type of acne is associated with hormonal changes such as the onset of puberty, menstrual period or pregnancy.
  4. Silicea – This homeopathy medicine for acne works effectively in severe pimple treatment (cystic acne). This type of acne could lead to boils that are slow to heal, leaving behind pitting scars. This acne medicine is prescribed to individuals who tend to get infections frequently and experience excessive sweating of palms and soles.
  5. Sulphur – This acne treatment is prescribed when the individual experiences large, but not too deep blackheads and whiteheads. The pimples or acne tend to be itchy. It is an effective homeopathic medicine for pimples in such cases.
  6. Calcarea carb – This is a homeopathic medicine for pimples that erupt frequently. It is also prescribed to individuals who experience fatigue due to exertion.

Caution: It is advised to not self-medicate and consult a homeopath for effective acne treatment.

Homeopathy has a good scope in natural acne treatment. The homeopathic medicines for acne work systemically to help the body naturally treat acne scars, which further promotes healthy skin.

It is important to note that acne never disappears at once. Because it is influenced by the frequent changes in hormonal levels, acne eruptions may vary in intensity and severity during the acne treatment. Nevertheless, with continued and regular medication, the condition can be gradually controlled. In severe cases of acne, homeopathy can help to reduce the severity of skin eruptions and treat acne scars to a great extent. The best part about homeopathic medicine for pimples or acne is that it has no side-effects and it can be safely consumed for a long period of time.

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Acne Treatment using Homeopathy Medicine

At Dr Batra’s™, we have successfully treated more than 10,000 cases of acne with homeopathy over the past 35 years. We have a success rate of 94.3% in treating skin disorders including acne treatment as authenticated by American Quality Assessors. Our qualified and experienced dermatologists form an integral part of our team. We comprise of more than 300 expert homeopaths along with state-of-the-art skin care technology. Dr Batra’s™ provides an individualized diet plan along with homeopathic treatment for acne. We offer the best possible solutions to every patient suffering from acne according to their requirement.

Success Rate of Acne at Dr.Batra’s Clinic

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What is the best treatment for pimples?

The best acne or pimple treatment must focus on long-term solutions with no toxic side-effects. With thousands of pimple solutions, it becomes difficult for most to find the ideal treatment. Homeopathy is an effective treatment for acne as it is natural, safe and non-toxic. Unlike conventional treatment, homeopathic medicine for pimples or acne treats the disorder from the root enabling long-term results. It suggests customized homeopathic remedies for acne to individuals based on their health history, temperament, likes and dislikes.

How do you get rid of pimples at a young age?

According to the National Institute of Health, about 4 out of every 5 people experience acne breakouts between the age of 11 and 30 years. Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the menstrual cycle result in rising levels of sebum (oil) and build-up of dead skin cells. This is caused due to male sex hormones (androgens) in both boys and girls. Excessive acne can also be a result of makeup or cosmetics that block the pores. Avoiding use of certain products like harsh face washes, soaps etc. can also help reduce pimple eruptions.

How can I prevent pimples on my face permanently?

There are several ways to prevent pimples on your face. These include washing your face at least twice a day with warm water; Avoiding use of harsh face wash and scrubs as it may push the infection further within the skin causing more acne scars. Choose mild makeup and avoid oil based products. Remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep. Manage anxiety and stress as it can increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline hormones which can trigger acne.

Does homeopathy work for acne?

Homeopathy has a good scope in the treatment of acne. The medicines can eliminate eruptions over a period of time preventing further outbreaks. It helps address the concern of hormonal disturbances during PCOS, pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Homeopathic medicine for pimples helps reduce the oiliness of skin and prevents acne scarring.

Can homeopathy cure acne permanently?

Homeopathic medicine offers long-term solutions for prevention of acne formation by targeting the root causes or triggers. It helps regulate the causes for hormonal fluctuations or disturbances. It also helps reduce acute symptoms of acne like pain, inflammation and swelling. According to a case study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is suggested that there is a remission rate of more than 80% in patients using individualized homeopathic treatment for acne.

I have irregular menses and acne. I have taken lots and lots of treatment for acne with no results. Please guide.

Your case needs to be investigated to rule out polycystic ovaries, which may be the cause of your acne and irregular menses. To treat your acne successfully, it is important to find out the cause and treat it from the root. Homeopathy can be a good option to treat your acne and irregular menses, without any side effects.
Acne is known to occur in almost all age groups, including people at the age of 40.

Is acne hereditary?

Acne can run in families, but most cases are sporadic and occur for unknown reasons.

Can homeopathy cure acne?

Homeopathy medicines can be very effective in treating acne. Homeopathy not only controls the excessive sebum secretion that causes acne, it also treats the underlying causes such as polycystic ovary disorder, etc. Homeopathic medicines have no side-effects, and they can treat acne very effectively.

I have lot of acne on my upper back and forehead. Please help.

Because you have acne precisely on your upper back and forehead, you may be having a condition known as seborrhoeic dermatitis. You need to get treated first for your acne for best results.

I hate to see acne on my face, and hence, I prick it. But that makes it worse. Please help.

You must absolutely avoid touching or pricking your acne, except at the time of applying medicines, else you may end up scarring your skin permanently.


Myths and Facts

  1. Acne is caused by constipation.
    Acne has nothing to do with constipation.
  2. Acne is caused due to digestion problems.
    Acne has nothing to do with digestion problems.
  3. Parlour procedures can reduce acne.
    Parlour procedures do not reduce acne. In fact, they can aggravate acne.
  4. Acne is normal, and should not be treated.
    Mild acne at puberty is a part of growing up, but if severe and persistent, it needs treatment in order to avoid consequences like dark pigmentation marks and scarring.
  5. Acne always goes away with age.
    Acne does not go away with age in all patients.
  6. Squeezing the bumps makes them go away.
    Squeezing the bumps does not make them go way. In fact, it aggravates them.
  7. Home remedies will make the acne go away.
    Some home remedies may help in reducing the acne, but they do not make acne go away.
  8. The more you wash the face, less acne you will have.
    Excessive washing of the face leads to irritation of skin, thus worsening the condition of acne.

Homeopathy Treatment results

Acne is a skin disorder triggered by multiple factors such as hormones, food, climate, irregular lifestyle and stress. Homeopathy offers a safer and surer way to treat acne. The homeopathic medicines eliminate eruptions over a period of time, prevent further outbreaks and gradually give acne patients a healthy skin. However, in severe cases, acne can appear again which can be treated by taking continued and regular medication.

Some of the illustrative case photos of patients treated at Dr Batra's:





Zareen Sheikh has been successfully treated for Acne at Dr Batra’s. After taking treatment, she has seen reduction in frequency of acne. Marks on her face are also completely gone.

Kalpana is satisfied of taking treatment at Dr. Batra’s for acne problem. She has seen improvement in acne and is eager to continue the treatment to get rid of the acne scars.

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I am taking my 4th session of acne clearity at dr batra ashiyana and it seems visible result on my skin... best decision to visit dr Batra

Meenakshi Pandey

I hav taken treatment for acne on my face, it is very efective treatment and completely satisfied Thank you Dr batra's

Rahat Abbas

I had severe acne and dandruff problem snice 5 years and taking treatment under Dr. Aishwarya for the last 1 year. I have recovered upto 70% during my treatment period. Thank you Dr. Aishwarya Gunjkar mam for the treatment.

Mukta Jogdand

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