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Infertility - Overview


  • About one-third infertility cases are caused because of women, another one-third are due to men and the rest of the cases are either unknown or a combination of male and female problems.
  • Smoking can lead to compromised fertility in both men and women.
  • Irregular or abnormal ovulation is responsible for about 25% female infertility problems.
  • Women aged 35 years or older should consult their doctor after six months of trying to conceive.
  • A man with low sperm count could have hidden diabetes.


I was suffering from fibroid problem: aloptahic dr.suggested me surgery after that i consulted in Dr batras my treatment started under Dr anupriya and in eight month my fibroid problem resolved and my ultrasound report came normal thanks to Dr batras and Dr anupriya for resolving my problem without surgery.

Shashi Prabha

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