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Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune disease wherein the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the body’s own skin cells. This causes cells to build-up rapidly on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cells form scales and red patches that are often associated with itching and flaking.

Homeopathy offers long-lasting psoriasis treatment without any side-effects by building the immunity of the patient. This results in better management of psoriasis and also controls the further progression of the disease.

Homeopathic Advantage for Treating Psoriasis

Conventional psoriasis treatment Possible side-effects of conventional psoriasis treatment *Advantages of homeopathic treatment for psoriasis
Immuno-modulators Drug toxicity No toxicity
Photo therapy May lead to cancer No side-effects
Topical immuno-modulators Skin atrophy Oral medicines to improve immunity

* Psoriasis treatment effects may vary from person to person

Why Dr Batra's for Psoriasis Treatment?

At Dr Batra’s™, we have treated over 1.41 lakhs skin patients successfully over the last 35 years. We have a 94.3% success rate in treating skin disorders including psoriasis, as authenticated by the American Quality Assessors.

A study conducted by AC Nielson shows a higher than average rate of improvement seen at Dr Batra’s™ skin treatments, as compared to general practitioners, specialists and local homeopaths.

Furthermore, we provide personalized homeopathic treatment for psoriasis to patients, depending on the diagnosis results. Our doctors provide customized psoriasis treatment plans that include homeopathic psoriasis medicine, counseling and individualized diet plans prepared by our nutritionists amongst others.

The homeopathic medicine for psoriasis addresses the body at the level of immunity and gently restores the deviation back to normalcy. It helps to control the progression of the disease.

Diagnosis of Psoriasis

At Dr Batra’s™, our homeopathic doctors diagnose psoriasis based on the visible signs and symptoms. They take into account the patient’s medical history and conduct a detailed examination of the lesions. Dr Batra’s™ uses India’s first 3-D imaging device for accurate analysis and evaluation of the patient’s skin condition. Based on an advanced optical technology developed by scientists in Dublin, this 3-D imaging device captures the skin’s condition up to 10 mm below the surface of the skin. This state-of-the-art technology helps to diagnose the problem at least 12 weeks in advance, even before visible symptoms appear.

At Dr Batra’s™, we can predict the occurrence of psoriasis years before it actually appears with the help of Geno Homeopathy. This treatment requires a simple saliva test that not only helps us predict the probability of getting psoriasis but also helps in treating the root cause. It reduces the chances of its occurrence through preventive homeopathic psoriasis medicine, appropriate diet and necessary lifestyle changes. Since the diagnosis of the genetic test for Geno Homeopathy is based on individualized genetic predisposition, it is, therefore, the most individualized and customized psoriasis treatment in homeopathy.

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What is the most effective treatment for psoriasis?

There is no known psoriasis cure so far but, with the right psoriasis treatment, the symptoms can be effectively managed. Psoriasis is a chronic condition, with chances of recurrence throughout life. In such a scenario, home remedies for psoriasis treatment may not be very effective in giving long-term relief. For safe and natural psoriasis treatment, homeopathy is an effective medium. It is advised to consult an expert for more information on homeopathic treatment for psoriasis:https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment.

How do you permanently treat psoriasis?

Homeopathic psoriasis medicine is made from natural ingredients, free from side-effects and offers long-term solutions. Homeopathic medicine for psoriasis can help strengthen the immune system to manage the disease effectively. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis can also address the various underlying problems associated with it such as anxiety, stress, depression and obesity. Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy can be safely taken over a long period of time without any fear of addiction. Psoriasis homeopathic treatment can help control further progression of the condition as well as reduce the chances of recurrence.

How do you treat psoriasis of the nails?

Psoriasis being an autoimmune disease, it needs a careful evaluation of all the possible factors that may lower the immunity. Nail psoriasis is not a topical disease that can be treated with topical ointments or creams. This disease results from an abnormal immune system response and hence, needs to be addressed internally. Homeopathic psoriasis medicine is known to treat the patient holistically. Homeopathic medicine for psoriasis of the nails is the most safest, natural and effective treatment; without any side-effects. It is therefore; imperative to consult your homeopathic doctor for an effective psoriasis treatment plan.https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment.

Can homeopathy cure psoriasis permanently?

Homeopathy treatment for psoriasis offers a holistic approach where the root cause of the problem is identified and dealt with. Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy provides a customized treatment plan for an individual based on their medical history, temperament etc., thus addressing the underlying issue. Homeopathic medicine for psoriasis helps regulate the immune system of the body and reduces the symptoms like redness, itching and scaly skin.

What is the best psoriasis medicine?

External creams and ointments may temporarily help to control the existing patches; they may not stop the development of new ones. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that needs to be treated internally by building immunity. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis helps reduce the symptoms like redness, itching and scaly skin. It helps build immunity over a period of time and facilitate healing of lesions without side-effects. One has to keep in mind that psoriasis is a disease that has remissions and relapses. Psoriasis homeopathic treatment can help in prolonged periods of remissions and shortened periods of relapses. It also helps in treating psoriatic arthritis. This results in improved quality of the patient’s life.

Is psoriasis contagious?

No. Psoriasis is not contagious. It cannot spread from one person to another through contact.

I have learnt to live with psoriasis. Is it necessary to treat it?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and needs to be medically addressed. If left untreated, there is a possibility that it will increase not only in number and size of the existing lesions but also affect the finger and toenails and joints, sometimes causing deformity to the joints.

Can psoriasis be cured?

It depends upon the chronicity and type of psoriasis. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that if all existing psoriasis lesions are healed and no new lesion occurs for five consecutive years, it can be termed as cured. Guttate psoriasis is a type of psoriasis that has best chances of being cured.

I am suffering from psoriasis. Is it true that my child will get psoriasis?

About 40% people with psoriasis have family members with psoriasis. However, there are also cases of psoriasis that occur without any family history. This indicates that although there is a genetic predisposition, there is no guarantee that a person will develop psoriasis just because of a positive family history.

I am applying some ointment on my psoriasis patches. The patches go away when I apply, but show up once the application is stopped. Can homeopathy help me?

Application of ointments can help temporarily to heal the existing lesions. However, they cannot stop the development of newer lesions in different areas, nor can they control the complications of psoriasis.

Homeopathic medicines can help not only to control newer lesions and prevent complications, but over a period of time, they help to heal the lesions completely, and without any side effects. One has to keep in mind that psoriasis is the disease that has remissions and relapses. With homeopathic medicines, the periods of remissions can be prolonged and the periods of relapses can be shortened.


Myths and Facts

  1. Psoriasis is contagious.
    It is not contagious, and it cannot be passed through contact.
  2. Psoriasis is related to food.
    It is an auto-immune disease, which has no direct relation to food.
  3. If I have psoriasis, my child will surely get it.
    Strong hereditary tendencies cannot be denied, but whether your child will get it surely or not get it at all is something which no one will be able to tell surely.
  4. If I have psoriasis on one part of my body, it will spread all over.
    There are many patients who have psoriasis on only one part of their body and it never spreads. So, it is possible that your disease may never spread.
  5. Psoriasis stops to spread the moment the treatment is started.
    It cannot be guaranteed, as it takes time to build the immune system, and by the time the immune system is built, few new affected areas might appear, which in turn disappear as the treatment proceeds.
  6. Psoriasis completely vanishes after stopping the treatment.
    Generally speaking, no new patches occur, but there are certain cases of extreme stress or infections or trauma to the skin that can lead to compromised immunity, in which case the patches may recur; however, these spots can be controlled with treatment.

Homeopathy Treatment results

Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition where body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own skin cells. This results in a rapid growth of cells, leading to psoriasis. Our doctors identify psoriasis based on visible signs and symptoms, patients’ medical history and upon examination of the lesions. Additionally, to confirm the diagnosis, Dr Batra’s® has introduced India’s first 3D imaging device. The 3D device can show your response to a psoriasis treatment as well as the improvement in your condition much before it is visible to the naked eye. This therefore saves both time and money.

Some of the illustrative case photos of patients treated at Dr Batra's:






Rajesh is happy with the psoriasis treatment at Dr Batra’s. There is no sign of recurrence of the disease after treatment.

Sangeeta Nair visited us 2 years back. She was tensed due to a skin problem known as psoriasis. She tried many things to get rid of the ugly patches on her skin. She met skin specialists, dermatologists and visited several clinics. Applied creams and lotions, but the results were not long-lasting and patches reappeared within few months.

Within 1 month of taking psoriasis treatment at Dr Batra’s, she found changes and hence she continued taking homeopathic medicines for long-lasting results.

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