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Urinary Tract Infections Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatments ensure safe, sure and easy solutions, without any side-effects for patients of all ages and types, including immune compromised, chronically ill patients.

In a study conducted in Switzerland on some patients with spinal injury, it was found that these patients were resistant to antibiotic treatment, and were a clinical challenge due to their immobility. When homeopathy was added as a supplementary treatment to conventional medicines for these hospitalised, bed-ridden patients, it was found to be effective in preventing the recurrence of UTIs.

Another study published in the Indian Journal of Homeopathy has shown the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

To sum up, a series of case studies supported the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment when given for a sustained period of time as well as helped reduce the tendency of stone formation and normalise creatinine levels in patients with kidney damage.

Why Dr Batra's for Homeopathy in Urinary Tract Infections?

At Dr Batra’s™, we have successfully treated patients with chronic UTIs.

  • The treatment is planned as per the diagnosis and chronicity of patient complaints.
  • Medicines are prescribed in low doses to suit the disease state.
  • Medicines are carefully selected to limit complications.
  • Besides treating the patient’s infections, our doctors also consider causes, trigger and risk factors to treat the illness from its root.
  • Our doctors provide specific self-care and nutritional guidance in order to prevent recurrence of the disease.

With proper treatment, the patient will notice the following improvements over a period of time:

  • effective reduction in burning, pain, discomfort and incontinence
  • relief in spasms
  • reduced tendency in stone formation
  • improved urine outflow
  • elimination of drug dependency
  • general wellbeing and improved quality of life

Moreover, besides treating physical ailments, our doctors also counsel young women, especially newlyweds, who are hesitant or timid to speak openly about their genital hygiene.



How long does homeopathy take to cure urinary tract infections?

Typically, it takes around 7 – 10 days after being on homeopathic treatment to experience tangible benefits in case of urinary tract infections, but it is dependent on the type of infection as to how long it will take to clear up. Individuals with mild symptoms may recover in 2 to 3 days, while others may take 7 to 10 days. If the case is more severe, the patient may require 14 days or more to recover.

What homeopathic remedy is good for urinary tract infections?

It is recommended to seek the advice of a qualified homeopathic doctor who will examine the symptoms and then prescribe the best homeopathic medicine for urinary tract infections.

What is homeopathic cantharis?

Homeopathic cantharis is a homeopathic formulation or medicine derived from the Spanish fly insect (Lytta vesicatoria). It is used to treat urinary tract infections.

Is homeopathy effective for urinary tract infections?

Homeopathic remedies are frequently used to treat bladder infections (cystitis), relieving discomfort and promoting rapid recovery. Homeopathic treatments, when used under the supervision of a qualified homeopathic doctor, not only help control acute urinary tract infections but are also effective in preventing recurrence of symptoms and lowering the chances of re-infection.

Can urinary tract infections be cured by homeopathy?

In the case of urinary incontinence, homeopathic treatment is extremely effective. According to NCBI, homeopathy is one of the best and safest lines of treatment for urinary incontinence.

What are some of the best homeopathy medicines for urinary tract infections?

A Homeopathy doctor will recommend Homeopathic medicines such as Cantharis, Belladonna, Nux vomica, Berberis Vulgaris, Sarsaparilla, and Borax based on the symptoms and other factors for urinary tract infection. Please keep in mind that homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment, so we recommend that you consult your local homeopath for a remedy that is best suited to your needs.

Is there any homeopathy medicine for the bad smell in urine?

Yes, many homeopathic medicines can be used to treat bad odors in urine. Please keep in mind that homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment, so we recommend that you consult your local homeopath for a remedy that is best suited to your needs.

Is there any homeopathic medicine for urine problems?

Yes, many homeopathic medicines can be used to treat urinary problems. Your homeopathic doctor will most likely examine your medical history and physical, mental, and emotional states before prescribing a homeopathic medicine for urinary problems. The treatments differ from person to person.


Myths and facts

  1. Swimming in a pool causes recurrent UTI.
    There is no correlation between swimming pools and developing UTIs.
  2. Cranberry juice helps prevent and treat UTI.
    It can help to some extent; however, medical treatment would still be necessary.
  3. Sitting on an unhygienic toilet seat causes UTI.
    UTIs are cause by bacterial infections and cannot be contracted from a toilet seat.
  4. Drinking less water causes UTI.
    Drinking less water is not a reason for infection, but if you are already suffering from urinary tract infection, it can further complicate your condition.

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