Assured Treatment Results in Homeopathy

Being so strikingly focused on patient care and well-being, our patients are at the core of everything that we do. This is the reason that we have been able to achieve a positive treatment outcome of 91% (as audited by the US-based agency American Quality Assessors-AQA). Moreover, our overall patient satisfaction as audited by AQA is over 87%. We have been able to achieve successful treatment outcomes because of the following :

  • Honest assessment of the patient’s case: We do an honest assessment of the patient’s case before starting the treatment. We only take up those cases where we confidently feel that we can make a difference, giving us a higher success rate with the cases that we accept to treat.
  • Well- trained doctors: All our doctors undergo over 500 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) in a year (as against 150 hours CME at other institutes) so that there is continual improvement in patient care and treatment.
  • E-medical records : As all medical records are saved throughout a patient's lifetime, patients need not carry their reports to see our doctors across any of our clinics in India and abroad. Having over 10 lakh cases in our IT system, cross referencing becomes much faster, thereby deriving a better cure for you through our past experience and a better treatment outcome as well.
  • Medical board: Our patients get access to a Medical Board which includes super specialist MDs from top 12 specialties, all of whom have 30 plus years of medical experience and are leading experts in their field of medicine. Second opinions and cross referencing of cases amongst the 350 full-time homeopathic doctors at Dr Batra’s™ is another reason for our top class medical outcomes.
  • Scientific and transparent monitoring of outcome: At Dr Batra’s™, to monitor treatment outcomes, we use sophisticated machines and advanced technology like video microscopy for hair, spirometry for breathing disorders (asthma) and proprietary technologies such as Dr Batra’s™ M.O.S.T and 3D skin assessment devices for dermatological problems. Our scientific monitoring of treatment effectively reveals the success and pace of treatment. Our treatment monitoring systems are transparent and shared with our patients.
  • Tele-homeopathy: Dr Batra’s™ was the first to pioneer tele-homeopathy to facilitate doctor-patient interaction through video-conferencing for consultation or a second opinion across various geographies. Tele-homeopathy allows us to fully leverage the expertise and experience of the 350 full time doctors who work with us. Patients can consult the doctors through a video conference or can even get a second opinion from our expert medical board by using this facility.
  • Audited results for transparency: We have commissioned AQA to audit, verify and measure all our treatment outcomes. We publish these verified outcomes regularly so that our patients are aware of our updated success rates and can know what sort of broad treatment outcomes to expect. Published below are our latest audited outcome scores.

Positive Treatment Outcome as authenticated by American Quality Assessors

**Individual results may vary from patient to patient