URTI - Diagnosis

An individual suffering from cold more than three times a year or on frequent antibiotics is considered to suffer from low immunity. Our doctors will examine their airway passages, eyes, nose, ears and throat, and their breathing sounds. They will investigate the causative and triggering factors for URTIs.


  • A blocked nose can lead to post-nasal drip, and the child may come up with frequent sore throats and coughs, which will prevent or disturb sleep. The cough is often experienced during the night, as there is an increase in post-nasal discharge while lying down, which causes throat irritation. This irritation tends to cause tickling in the throat, producing cough.
  • Wheezing, pneumonia or lower respiratory tract infections may result if the URTI is left untreated.
  • There can be pain, tenderness and inflammation of sinuses.
  • The face may become puffy or swollen.

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