Homeopathy: The natural way to strengthen your child's immunity

Homeopathy: The natural way to strengthen your child's immunity

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November 6, 2018

Did you know that one third of Indian school kids miss school due to illnesses and that globally parents miss 126 million work days by taking leave to take care of their sick children? Are you one of them? If yes, you should know the reason behind why your child often falls sick and how homeopathy can help you treat your child and offer him long-lasting relief from the medical problems. Click below to book an appointment with our homeopathic expert and gift your child the gift of good health.

Why is it that some children fall ill more often than others? The reason lies in their immunity. Our immune system is our body's defense against harmful organisms and substances that cause sickness. Some children have good immunity and therefore are less prone to infections, while those who have weaker immunity fall sick more often. Homeopathy works at the level of immunity in children and therefore is an effective treatment for them. Children love the taste of sweet homeopathic pills and therefore do not avoid taking medicines.

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Symptoms of low immunity in children

Take a note of the following 5 symptoms of your child:

  • He or she catches a cold frequently and has a sore throat often.
  • Suffers frequently from infections like bronchitis, ear infections or skin infections
  • Suffers from delayed healing of wounds
  • Is underweight
  • Has nutritional deficiencies that are characterised by visible changes in the skin and hair, has brittle nails, bruises easily and has a low-attention span…

Say no to antibiotics

What do you do about your child’s immunity when he falls ill? Antibiotics…is that what you said? Then you should know this antibiotic resistance kills over 50,000 children in India annually!

Antibiotics can provide quick relief, but in the long run, they may decrease the susceptibility to infections. Overuse can also lead to drug-resistance. They also have side effects like rashes, nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain.


Homeopathy treatment for Child immunity



The problem of low immunity must be addressed at the root. Medicines for children should aim at boosting their immunity; not bring it down. This is exactly what homeopathy does without side effects. They also help bring down the frequency and duration of attacks.

Here are 3 commonly used homeopathic remedies to build immunity in children:

1. Echinacea mother tincture taken 10 drops in half a cup of water twice a day helps build immunity.

2. Nux Vomica helps to build gut immunity in children who are treated with a lot of antibiotics.

3. Silicea is a good remedy for children with poor digestion.

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Self Help Tips

Breast feed your baby for at least one year after delivery: Breastfeeding is very essential for building your child’s immunity. Breast milk is full of antibodies, which help prevent infections and allergies.

Let them play outdoors every day. A survey suggests that the present generation spent only half their time playing outdoors as compared to their parents - blame it on mobiles, computers, play stations or video games! Help build your child’s immunity by taking them out for a small walk or playing with them in the garden. Exposure to dirt and other microbes will make their immunity grow.

Maintain a healthy diet: A healthy diet is one which contains all the important nutrients. Make sure your child has a balanced diet. Avoid foods with artificial colours and preservatives.

Ensure your child sleeps enough: Incomplete or disturbed sleep can make your child easily tired and more prone to infections. Newborns need at least 18 hours of sleep, toddlers require 12 hours and pre-school children need 10 hours of sleep.

Encourage your child to practice personal hygiene. You would be surprised to know that unclean hands transmit almost 80% of infections in children. Therefore, teach your child to wash their hands after they use the washroom.

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