For a stronger immunity, give your child homeopathy

For a stronger immunity, give your child homeopathy

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September 7, 2019

Is your child staying absent in school as he is falling ill frequently? Does your child catch infections very easily compared to other children of the same age group? Is your child not able to concentrate on his studies due to recurrent illnesses?

It is all about immunity

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you must do something for your child to improve his immunity.

Eating healthy food and getting enough rest & exercise may not be enough to boost your child’s immune system, particularly when your child is being exposed to bacteria and viruses in your increasingly polluted environment. Your child’s immune system needs a bit more help and homeopathy offers more than a helping hand.

So, it’s time to switch your child to homeopathy for improving his immunity, which will reduce his frequency of illnesses and indirectly will reduce his absentism in school. It will also definitely improve his performance in school as well.

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Say no to antibiotics

What happens is when your child falls ill frequently his body becomes weak due to illnesses. In such cases, if we give him conventional treatment, his body immunity weakens. Antibiotics can provide quick relief, but in the long run, they may actually reduce the body’s own ability to fight infection. They also have side effects like rashes, nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain. Overuse can also lead to drug-resistance, which can complicate the situation more.

Embrace homeopathy for your child’s health and well-being

Homeopathy is a boost for such children.

With homeopathy child’s immunity will improve, he will fall less ill and his quality of life will improve as well. Overall his growth will get boosted in a right way.

Your immune system is your defense mechanism, which protects you against infections. If your immune system is weak you will be prone to various infections. In some children you need to boost their natural immunity with medicines support as naturally it’s weak to cope up with the infections

Homeopathy takes into consideration about his likings and disliking and after considering all these facts, homoeopath will prescribe your child a medicine which will improve his overall immunity and reduce his frequency of illness.

As your child’s immune response becomes strongertheir natural resistance increases so they become less prone to infections from the surrounding.  At the same time, if and when they do fall ill, they are able to throw off infections much more quickly and easily.

In one case, where child was frequently falling ill and had to take antibiotics almost every month, his parents came visited a homeopath for his concentration complaints. They thought that child’s intellect is poor and he is not able to perform well in school. After his detail history the doctor came to a conclusion that his intellect was absolutely normal. His only problem was that he was not able to concentrate on his studies due to his frequent illness and weakness due to antibiotics. After giving him proper medicines from the very first month his antibiotics reduced to almost nil. His parents received good feedback from school and also his performance improved in the school. His parents are so much relieved since they got the confidence that his intellect is normal.

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So, not only for a stronger immunity, give your child a homeopathic boost for better growth and memory too. Let them experience happy, healthy childhood with natural & safe medicines. 

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