Treat Food Allergies With Homeopathy

Treat Food Allergies With Homeopathy

Finding the most effective Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment is crucial to managing the joint pain. Learn about the homeopathic medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis to see which one works best for you.


28-year-old Gita came to us with joint pains in her fingers, which were worse when kneading flour. Both her hands were equally affected; the stiffness seemed to be more pronounced in the morning. It would get better as the day progressed. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) after her blood tests were positive. The disorder slowly affected her knees as well as her ankles. Taking into consideration the descending nature of pains, she was prescribed homeopathy medicine for rheumatoid arthritis - Kalmia Latifolia. This eased her rheumatic agony.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis is challenging. Even performing the routine tasks sometimes become difficult. However, as seen in the above case, with homeopathy, it is possible to live a full and productive life. To know how, read below.

Pain, stiffness and general discomfort – such terms or say common symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis are very well known to the patients suffering from this disease. Like Gita, there are many people who find it extremely difficult to just get through the day independently.

Living with a chronic condition like Rheumatoid Arthritis comes with a variety of challenges, one of the biggest ones being that RA is essentially an “invisible illness”. The pain, the stiffness, the fatigue, are just some of the symptoms that may wreak havoc in the life of the person living with RA, but might not be apparent to the people around them, leading to naive and misunderstood comments and comparisons like “But you don’t look sick!” and “My grandmother has arthritis too”.

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A repercussion of “invisible” nature of RA could also translate to a long and often frustrating diagnosis, and subsequently a delay in beginning treatment.

All of this typically translates to an unfavorable impact on the quality of life, ability to sleep, ability to work, ability to participate in physical exercise and activities, and also an ability to perform household activities and duties.

But, people like Gita, living with RA are a resilient bunch! They choose not to be defeated by this condition and take all the steps they can to live the best life possible!

Homeopathic medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A potentially crippling disease - Rheumatoid Arthritis runs an irregular course, marked by phases of unpredictable hikes and spontaneous relief. Hence, it becomes difficult for an individual - and at times - difficult for doctors to identify the severity and intensity of the disease.

While homeopathy has a completely different aim and approach to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. It treats RA on the basis of what makes the individual and his or her complaints unique - such as the nature of joint symptoms, personality, sensitivities and emotions. Among other symptoms and especially in joint disorders, homeopathy looks at the peculiarity of the direction of pain, for example, whether pain emerges from above downwards or vice versa. The key to homeopathic treatment is how best one can first categorise the symptoms, based on the unique nature and temperament of the individual, and then ‘match’ the appropriate homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis to them.

According to direction  of pain                                       Medicine

Best homeopathic medicines for rheumatoid arthritis:


Ascending                                                                        Ledum Pal


Descending                                                                       Kalmia

   Character of pain                                                                                           Stinging  Apis Mel

Stitching                                                                            Bryonia

Throbbing                                                                        Belladonna

    Worse                                                                                                                Before storm                                                                                          Rhododendron

Cold, dry weather                                                           Bryonia

Damp, wet weather                                                        Dulcamara


Every other day                                                              China

Melting snow                                                                   Calcarea Phos


Motion                                                                              Arnica

Night                                                                                 Kali Iod


Rest                                                                                   Kali Carb

Touch                                                                               Colchicum


Warmth                                                                            Pulsatilla

    Better                                                                                                                Cold applications                                                                                          Ledum Pal

Damp weather                                                                 Causticum

Motion, walking                                                               Rhus Tox


Open air                                                                           Kali Iod

Pressure                                                                           Bryonia


Warmth                                                                            Arsenic Alb


*Treatment effects may vary from person to person. Hence, it is always recommended to consult a homeopath before taking any medicine.


Individuals having rheumatoid arthritis need to balance rest and exercise. Take more rest when the disease is active; exercise more when it is notactiveReduce stress on joints with self-help devices — for example, zipper pullers and long-handled shoe hornsYou may also use support devices to help while getting on and offchairs, toilet seats and bedsHeat can help reduce your pain, relax muscles and increase blood flow. You can apply heat to painful areas in many ways. For instance, you can take a hot shower, or bath, or sit in a sauna. You can also use a hot pack, an electric heating pad, or a heat lampMaintain healthy weight; excess weight can put unwanted load on your joints and increase thepainA diet programme designed by a dietician with enough, but not excess calories, protein and calcium, will be helpful.

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