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Taking Care of Your Feet during Monsoon

Taking Care of Your Feet during Monsoon

The monsoons bring great relief especially after a really hot summer spell. The onset of monsoon season means you need to take extra care of your overall health. Getting drenched in the rains while on your way to office is common and it happens to almost everyone. We have no option, but to keep our feet in the dirty water clogged on the roads and reach our destinations. The water is so impure that it gives rise to bacterial and fungal infections easily.

In some cases, the condition may give rise to serious feet diseases such as athlete’s foot and leptospirosis. However, keeping certain things in mind may allow you to have ‘happy feet’ in those so-wet-so-good monsoon days.

These points will help you to take good care of your feet during monsoon:

  • Dry feet: Keep them dry as fungus tends to thrive in a damp and moist environment.
  • Antiseptic: Wash your feet with an antiseptic every time after returning home. It is necessary to keep the feet clean during monsoon as they are more prone to infections.
  • Wash your foot wears: Just as you wash your feet, wash your foot wears also with a disinfectant and keep them in the sun to dry. Try to keep two pairs of shoes with you so that you can shuffle between both. Avoid wearing wet shoes or sandals. If that isn’t possible, drying under the fan or with a hair dryer is also fine. Wear open footwear. Avoid wearing boots, as these hold water for a longer duration, creating a damp environment for your feet.
  • Natural disinfectants: Dunk tea bags in a warm basin of water and dip your feet in it. The tannic acid in tea kills bacteria and closes your pores. You can even clean your feet every evening with a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar in a warm tub of water. They act as natural disinfectants for your feet.
  • Pedicure: Opt for regular pedicures, if not in parlors, do it at home. First, soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes. The water should contain few drops of a liquid hand wash and some fresh lemon juice. Next, cleanse your nails and scrub your feet with a foot scraper. Complete this routine by applying a nail cream. Avoid pushing the cuticles, as toe nail fungal infections are very common in monsoon.
  • Powder: Use anti-fungal talcum powder to protect your skin from fungal infection. Powder your feet and keep them up on a stool or centre table for some time. Airing your feet whenever possible is good.
  • Nails: Another trouble to your feet can be caused by dirty nails. During monsoon, nails can get discolored, brittle and rough. You may also notice red, swollen and itchy skin around them. This results from overexposure to water, damage to the nail, or scratching sweaty or infected skin. To prevent this, try to keep your toe-nails short, so that dirt cannot enter them. Be careful as to not injure your nail folds with excessive nail chipping.
  • Smelly feet: Dip your feet in warm water after returning home mixing in the water some drops of essential oils. This will refresh you and help to get rid of smelly feet.
  • Moisturize: Massage a moisturizing lotion with a nice fragrance gently on your feet, and wipe it off with a warm towel after a few minutes, as dust and dirt will immediately stick to wet moisturized feet.
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