Rinse It Right: 7 Tips for The Perfect Hair Wash

Rinse It Right: 7 Tips for The Perfect Hair Wash

It may seem so frustrating that inspite of investing in the best hair care products and hair treatment regime, your hair and scalp still do not appear to be in optimal health. Hair fall, dandruff, scalp rashes, and even male and female pattern baldness are conditions that are on the rise, especially in urban areas.

An old saying goes that prevention is better than cure. This indeed holds true for all aspects of health as well as hair care. Prevention often starts at the very basic level. In the case of hair care, something as simple as following the right techniques of washing and drying your hair can make all the difference in hair and scalp health. Here are seven simple, yet essential, tips you must follow for the best hair treatment during your next shampoo.

  1. Oil your scalp

Your grandmother’s advice about oiling your hair will never go out of style. You must oil your hair at least twice a week. Opt for natural oils such as coconut, olive or almond oil. Avoid the perfumed ones. Oil your scalp at least an hour before you wash your hair.

  1. Untangle those knots

This is an oft forgotten step. Always remember to brush your hair and open up knots before you wash. Doing this has two major benefits. It helps lessen hair fall during shampooing and it helps in promoting blood circulation to your scalp.

  1. A coin-sized amount

Even if you have long hair, all you need is a coin-sized amount of shampoo to wash. Just lather the shampoo onto your scalp and avoid rubbing it on the length of your hair. Using excess shampoo does not help in better hair treatment, rather it dries out your scalp.

  1. Condition it right

Conditioner needs to be applied the right way for it to work effectively. Before you apply conditioner, make sure to squeeze out excess water from your hair. Then, apply conditioner on the length of your hair, avoiding the roots. Leave the product on for at least 4 to 5 minutes before you rinse it out.

  1. A cold one

Even if you bathe in warm water, make sure that the last rinse is always cold. Cold water helps seal your scalp pores and thus locks in your hair’s natural moisture. Wash your hair with cold water, and once your hair is dry and set, you will notice a shiny glow that was not there before.

  1. Pat it dry

Towel drying your hair is always better than blow drying it. While drying your hair, never rub it vigorously. Rather, let it dry while wrapped in a towel for a few minutes and then pat down gently. Never rub wet hair vigorously as this can weaken the strands and lead to hair loss.

  1. Comb when dry

Never comb your hair while it is still wet. Combing wet hair is not only painful, but it also weakens your strands and leads to hair loss. If you are in a hurry and absolutely must comb wet hair, then use a wide-toothed comb. Also, on the same lines, do not tie or clip up wet hair.

Homeopathy and Hair Treatment

Homeopathic medicine offers holistic healing and care for many kinds of scalp and hair treatment requirements. Homeopathy can help treat scalp psoriasis, male and female pattern baldness, dandruff, lichen planus, and hair loss in children. The system of healing in homeopathy works by boosting the immune system to fight disease on its own. Homeopathy is free from side-effects associated with conventional medicines and completely natural. Moreover, the treatments are non-invasive and thus, painless. Homeopathy believes that the process of healing should be a pleasant and an inclusive experience for the patient. With no dietary or lifestyle restrictions on the patient, homeopathy heals holistically and comfortably. Speak to a homeopathy doctor today, for great hair days, every day.

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