How Stress Affects Women's Health?

How Stress Affects Women's Health?

Homeopathic medicines can be preserved for long periods of time [up to three years, or more] — they don’t lose their medicinal strength. However, they [bottles/containers] should be closed securely and stored in a cool, dark place — in a cupboard, or drawer.

It would be advisable to also keep them away from direct sunlight, strong odours, perfumes and liniments.

Homeopathic medicines don’t need refrigeration.

However, please make sure they are kept away from microwave ovens, electronic gadgets, and computers — as also:

  • Coffee powder, tea and drugs having a high content of caffeine
  • Camphor [mothballs, balms, ointments with cooling or heat effects, lipstick]
  • Mint in toothpaste, chewing gum
  • Ethereal oils [clove oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol]
  • Daily or prolonged exposure to strong-smelling substances, like paints, glue, and varnish.
  • Alcohol, spicy food [spices contain ethereal oils]
  • Fresh garlic and onion.

It is suggested that strong substances and/or drugs affect our hormonal, nervous and immune system — this may have an anti-doting effect on homeopathic medicines.

When taking a homeopathic pill or tablet, handle them carefully. Take them directly; don’t use the palm of your hand. If the pills fall on the ground discard them.

The best way to take homeopathic pills is: dissolve them under the tongue or suck; don’t swallow them whole. Avoid eating or drinking or brushing your teeth [with toothpaste] for 20 minutes, before, or after, taking a homeopathic remedy.

Children may find this difficult to follow; also, don’t give them homeopathic pills with food. For children [especially, autistic kids] who don’t take, or spit pills, just crush the pills on a dry, clean spoon and administer. The same procedure can be followed for giving homeopathic pills to your pets, or animals.


Homeopathic medicines should be taken under the tongue in a clean mouth, preferably about half-an-hour before, or after, meals. You should avoid drinking coffee for about half-an-hour before taking homeopathic medicines. Do not also take homeopathic medicines after using toothpaste with mint flavour — to brushing your teeth. Or, after giving a ‘fresh lift,’ with a medicinal/cosmetic mouthwash.


Most often, homeopathic medicines are given in pills form, to be kept and allowed to dissolve under the tongue. These are small, round pills. They are ergonomically friendly. They can be packed in small bottles and can last for long periods.

The usual dose is 5-6 pills for an adult and a child alike.

Likewise, a normal dose of any homeopathic liquid is about 8-10 drops, in half cupful of water. The medicinal liquid can be rubbed into the chest when the individual, or patient, cannot open the mouth. In extremely acute cases, put half a capful, or about 20 drops, in some water in a glass, and take a fill — a few teaspoonfuls at a time, at half-hour intervals.

In most acute illnesses, a dose may be taken every 2-3 hours during the day. This may be continued at night if one is awake.

Tablets, or pellets, are also available. They may be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve, or they can be chewed, if preferred. The usual dose is 2-4 tablets for adults, 1-2 tablets for children.

Dosages and repetitions depend on the potency used, the type of illness, and the age of the patient.

As a general rule of the thumb, low potencies — 6X, or 3C to 12C — are used in acute conditions, such as colds, headaches, vomiting, injuries, wounds, and so on. They are best taken under the supervision of a homeopathic physician.

Medium potencies such as 30C, or 200C, are used in more established conditions — they may be recurring migraines, or menstrual periods, among others.

Higher potencies — 1M and above — are best used in deeper constitutional illnesses, under the guidance of a professional homeopathic physician.

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