Homeopathy treats prostatic hyperplasia

Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment in Homeopathy

December 15, 2021

Everything you need to know about Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment in Homeopathy with Case Study

Fifty-nine-year-old Kris Vasudevan showed up with prostatic enlargement symptoms. He reported, he would wake up 4-5 times a night to pass urine, and the urge would keep intensifying.

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During the diagnosis and the examination, Vasudevan said, he felt a ‘ball-like-thing’ wedged in his lower abdomen. It made him feel heavy, distended, and uncomfortable, especially while sitting. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Chimaphilla Umbellate, based on his symptoms, which included prostatic enlargement, along with urine retention, accompanied by frequent nocturnal waking and urging. Later, within six months of treatment, Vasudevan was free from his prostatic distress and felt much better.

Picture a situation where you have disturbed sleep due to the frequent urge to pass urine at night, followed by a weak urinary flow, incontinence, and sexual dysfunctionality — or, in advanced cases, renal (kidney) problems. All this and more characterizes benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH).

The cause of BPH is primarily genetic and a normal condition of aging. It is produced by a change in the hormones testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and oestrogen levels. It can also affect the hormone receptors' ability to function.

Homeopathy treats prostatic hyperplasia


It may, in turn, result in BPH. However, prostate cancer does not have to be due to BPH; likewise, the presence of BPH need not amplify the incidence of prostate cancer. It is, however, established that individuals with significant BPH are most likely to seek medical treatment because they are more likely to be screened for or diagnosed with concomitant, silent or nascent prostate cancer.

BPH is one of the most common disorders that affects aging. However, the illness may not require surgery; if diagnosed and treated earlier with appropriate homeopathic remedies, such as Sabal Serrulata or Saw Palmetto, under the guidance of a skilled homeopathy doctor.

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