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Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Have Adult Acne

Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Have Adult Acne

Jyoti is in her early thirties and has suffered from acne for as long as she can remember. What she earlier assumed as a skin condition of her teenage years, continued to plague her for years beyond. When Jyoti finally sought the help of a doctor to solve her skin problem, she was recommended to go for a health check-up. Tests revealed that she was suffering from hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems. This was what was causing her acne.

Many young adults suffer from unsightly pimples and blackheads well into their middle age. The resulting scars can prove to be quite upsetting. The good news is that acne can be controlled successfully if one gets to the root cause of the problem. Like with many other health issues, when the body is sick, the hair and skin are the first places that reflect the illness. Here are 7 reasons why you might be suffering from adult acne.

  1. Excess of hair products

Surprising but true. One of the biggest causes of adult acne – especially acne on the forehead – is styling products. Oily particles from hair gels seep down with sweat towards your face and clog your skin pores. This can lead to an outbreak of acne on the forehead and the T-zone.

  1. Onset of thyroid problems

Many women who suffer from hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems develop acne on their face, upper arms, and back. Acne due to a thyroid disorder can prove to be one of the most stubborn type to heal. Women many also experience acne during menopause.

  1. Changing beauty products

A change from your regular beauty products can also result in a breakout of acne. This does not apply only to a face wash or a moisturizer but even to cosmetics. Certain products may contain more chemicals or be oilier in texture and can cause acne if used for a long period.

  1. Cell phone friction

Another surprising cause of adult acne is our constant use of the cell phone. When you press your phone against your skin, bacteria stick to your face and settle into your pores thus causing breakouts. Moreover, the constant friction of a cell phone screen surface against your cheek can also cause acne from friction.

  1. Incorrect diet habits

Studies have found that consuming a diet high in milk and sugar causes insulin spikes that are bad for your skin. Moreover, the easy availability of highly processed foods only serves to worsen the problem. Stick to homemade meals as much as possible and avoid frozen ready-to-eat meals.

  1. Increased stress levels

It is no secret that as we age, our stress levels increase. Worries about finances, goals, and daily hassles take over the carefree time spent as a teenager. Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life; however, chronic stress can cause a severe breakout of acne.

  1. Excess of sweat

As we age, our metabolism slows down and we have to work extra hard to keep that extra weight off. However, when you work out, sweat can clog your pores and cause body acne on your arms, chest, back and thighs. This is especially true for those who wear tight synthetic clothes to the gym.

Homeopathy for Acne

Homeopathy helps treat acne with medicines that are natural and free from side-effects. Acne is often the result of internal health issues such as digestive and thyroid problems. Homeopathic treatment for acne cures from the root by boosting the immune system to fight diseases on its own. Healing the root cause of a condition always works better than merely suppressing physical symptoms. Homeopathy follows a pattern of treatment that is non-toxic and painless. This makes it a great choice for children and teenagers. Acne is a condition that can scar beautiful skin for life and affect your confidence. Speak to a homeopathic doctor today for effective and long-term solutions for healthy, glowing skin.

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