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Reason behind your pimples

Is fried food the reason behind your pimples?

Authored by
Malini Pareek

This is probably the longest running acne myth out there. Let's get the facts straight; greasy foods have little to no effect on acne. Think about it, just because you eat foods that are high in oil, the oil does not make its way from your intestines to your pores. The reality is that each of us is different and we react to foods differently. Some people report acne breakouts after eating certain foods, while others have no such problems. Likewise, some people report acne breakouts, or worsening of acne eruptions, after they have had one too many cups of coffee.

However, some conventional medications can cause acne; for example, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and steroids. Other causes include strong, oily cosmetics, over-abrasive cleansing and heavy scrubbing of the skin, pressure from helmets, backpacks and tight clothing. Environmental pollutants and certain chemicals can cause acne as well as trigger flare-ups. Long-term exposure can clog up skin pores or irritate the skin. Pollution can have just as much effect on the skin, clogging pores and leading to acne outbreaks. What’s most dangerous is picking or squeezing the eruption. This can cause the acne blemish to move deeper into the skin, leading to scarring. Hence, it is important to know your trigger and report it to your homeopathic doctor for the effective treatment of acne.

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