Does Pollution Really Cause Acne?

Does Pollution Really Cause Acne?

September 12, 2017

Deepak was constantly perplexed at the acne outbreaks he got on his forehead and arms. He led a hectic corporate life and travelled many hours on business visits. He worked out regularly, took good care of his skin and diet, and followed a healthy lifestyle. He often wondered if something was lacking in his diet or if he suffered from thyroid problems.

The real culprit of Deepak’s acne was pollution. Like him, most of us are based in crowded metro cities and our daily routines see us go through much pollution and dust. Pollution is a known cause of many skin, hair, and overall health problems. The toxins in the air that you breathe do much damage to you. Let’s take a look at how pollution leads to acne.

  1. Depletes natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E is your skin’s protection against all kinds of external damage such as sunburn, age spots, skin cancer, and pimples. Research has shown that constant exposure to air pollution depletes your body’s levels of Vitamin E in your skin. This leaves your delicate pores exposed to oxidative damage.

  1. Oxidation of sebum stores

Pollution causes oxidative damage to your skin and its natural moisture. Oxidation is a process which ages your cells faster than they normally should. This is the main reason why people who live in polluted and crowded cities seem to age so quickly. This oxidative damage leads to inflammation that causes acne.

  1. Blocks your skin pores

Microscopic dust particles in polluted air can block your skin pores and leave your face dotted with blackheads. Just wipe your skin with a wet tissue when you step indoors and see how much grime collects on your face. Pollution can cause ugly pus-filled acne on your face and body.

  1. Causes reactions in skin products

Most of your skin care products contain an ingredient called squalene oil which is harvested from olives and other natural sources like rice bran. Squalene has natural antioxidant properties. However, when exposed to polluted air, squalene begins to react and turn into squalene peroxide. Research has shown that this reaction can lead to severe acne over time.

Acne can indeed be an unsightly menace. While acne is normally associated with puberty, acne caused by pollution can affect men and women of any age group.  The good news is that there are steps you can take to control acne caused by pollution. Here are five tips that you must follow.

  1. Limit use of household sprays

Aerosol household sprays like air-fresheners irritate your skin, if used daily. Limited the use of chemical household sprays and substitute with natural products such as agarbatti.

  1. Make a kitchen garden

Keeping plants indoors will freshen up the air you breathe. Plants also remove many harmful toxins from the air. Keep a small kitchen garden or a few flower pots and you will immediately notice the difference.

  1. Avoid smoking indoors

Cigarette smoke releases carbon monoxide in the air which harms your lungs and skin. While quitting smoking is always the best option, if you or any guests must, insist on taking the smoke outdoors.

  1. Keep linen clean

The microscopic dust mites on your pillow covers, curtains, and bedsheets can cause a build-up of grime on your skin. Make sure to change your sheets and sun-dry them as often as you can.

  1. Minimize use of cosmetics

Most of your skin care products like moisturisers, and cosmetics like compact and foundation cream are full of chemicals. These chemicals react with pollutants in the air and can cause severe damage to your skin.

  1. Consult a skin professional

If your acne boils are painful and spreading, do consult a medical professional immediately. Timely treatment for any skin conditions can save you from many unsightly scars.

Homeopathic medicines for acne

Homeopathy offers gentle and holistic healing medication for acne. Homeopathic treatment for acne are free from harmful side-effects associated with chemical-filled medicines. Homeopathy focuses on long-term solutions and does not merely suppress physical symptoms. Your acne may be caused by underlying health issues like thyroid problems or digestive disorders. Homeopathy acne treatment heals from the root. Don’t let unsightly acne ruin your dreams of flawless, glowing skin. Consult your nearest homeopathic doctor today for the best acne solutions.

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