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Can the painful bedsore on my back ever be cured?

Can the painful bedsore on my back ever be cured?

A 70 years old lady was hospitalized for a month because she suffered of an injury and had to undergo a surgery for her fractured hand. During the hospital stay because of restricted movement and age she developed a superficial pressure sore on the back. It was almost a year that she was suffering of these pressure sores and was given different creams and powders by her doctor. She had no other major complaints like diabetes, hypertension or thyroid problems. Seeing her deteriorating condition and no improvement in the pressure sores she was advised by her doctor to try homeopathy as it was safe for her age and had no side effects. She was taken to a homeopathic doctor by her housemaid. Her entire case history was done and she was prescribed the required homeopathic medicine.  After a month when she came for her follow up, the pressure sores had completely healed and there were no new sores. She was kept on homeopathic treatment for 6months and was completely cured.


What are bedsores?

Bed sores/ Pressure sores/ Decubitis ulcers are skin lesions which are caused due to sustained pressure on the vulnerable parts of the body such as the heels, buttocks and hips. They can also develop on the elbows, knees, ankles and back of shoulders in some cases. Old age persons; persons who have suffered of paralysis or fractures are at higher risk of developing bed sores. Injured skin is always at the risk of developing infections which can spread and lead to serious illness or sometimes could be fatal. A bedsore begins as a sensitive red patch and then goes up to developing an ulcer or a sore that can extend deep into the muscle and even bone in severe cases.


Homeopathy for Bedsores

Homeopathy has a far better scope in treating bedsores than conventional treatments.

Conventional treatments would include usage of antibiotics to prevent infection and medicated creams and powders as external application.

It is quite evident that if the pressure sore is chronic and not healing with conventional medicines then it is time to use a safer method like homeopathy in treating bed sores.

Homeopathy has specific medicines which can arrest the pathology from progressing further and would help healing the skin faster without any side-effects.

Considering the age and condition of the patient homeopathy would be the safest method of treatment. The mental stress caused by immobility can also be effectively treated with homeopathy.

Many cases requiring surgical intervention can be avoided by using homeopathic medicines.


Prevention and Management of Bedsores

When a patient is immobile or on a wheelchair then repositioning of the patient every 2 hours could help to avoid constant pressure against the body and would redistribute the body weight and promote blood flow to the tissues. Pillows can help shift the weight if you are unable to move.

Skin should be inspected and cleaned regularly by the attendant.

Keep the infected area dry with use of medicated powder to keep infections at bay as bacteria grow in moist mediums.

Blood sugar levels of patients who suffer of diabetes should be well controlled as high sugar levels would not allow the ulcer to heal and could lead to gangrene is severe cases where amputation of the affected part would be the only resort.

Adequate nutrition is an integral part of treatment to help the ulcer to heal faster.  So intake of adequate fruits and vegetables would help in healing the skin lesion faster and improve the overall immunity of the patient too.

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