Why Homeopathy Is Effective For Treatment Of Fractured Bones?

Why Homeopathy Is Effective For Treatment Of Fractured Bones?

The Homeopathic pills have a tremendous power to conjoin the broken bones promptly.

Broken bones. Many of us have had them. And the causes are frequently as simple as slipping while walking out of the home on a rainy day or carrying laundry down some stairs. Once a bone breaks, it often must be set in proper alignment and held there in order to heal properly. The whole process typically takes 6-12 weeks. Moreover, the recovery period depends on the way you break or fracture a bone. A break can be anything from a hairline fracture (a thin break in the bone) to the bone that's snapped in two pieces like a broken tree branch. It’s different for everyone, but the pain is often like the deep ache you get from a super bad stomachache or a headache.

The worst thing for a broken bone is to move it. A serious fracture means that a person can do very little for themselves for weeks, or sometimes months. It can be upsetting to have to ask for every little thing. You feel like a crippled old man dependent on others even for your personal hygiene things like washing, brushing teeth, combing hair. Certainly, TV, radio, books, telephone becomes your only friends for ‘broken bones’ days.

But, there are lots of people – surprised at the speed that their bones heal, often up to 1/3rd of the estimated time they are given by the hospital. One such example is a very famous soccer player!

Do you remember that David Beckham nearly missed playing in the World Cup because he broke a metatarsal in his foot some weeks before the competition started! He was considered 'doubtful'. But he played in England's first game - because he alternated the two remedies rather than taking just one. Yes, we’re talking about homeopathy treatment combined with conventional treatment.

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Efficacy of homeopathy in treating broken bones was even witnessed by Der Spiegel, the leading German magazine. The magazine published a survey exploring the use of homeopathy in all premiere and secondary league football teams of the Bundesliga, the results in its favor were impressive. 92% of the teams reported that they treated their players with ‘classical’ homeopathy, while 76% reported that they used homeopathic ‘speciality’ products, such as complexes, or combination remedies, in their treatment. The overall response, likewise, for homeopathic treatment in other football teams, as viewed by physicians and physiotherapists, was that of ‘a positive and preventative immune effect’. Statistics suggests that no other form of sport results in as many injuries as does football. To paraphrase: this is equivalent to 80,000 days of sick leave for every football season, with treatment and personnel expenses amounting to a whopping €95 million.

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Homeopathic medicines have gained a lot of mastery in the treatment of fractured bones. It is proved to be highly effective in curing broken bones by diminishing significantly the pain, eliminating the swelling, healing the soft tissues and accelerating the formation of callous on the surfaces of the broken bones. Thus, after setting the bone by a surgeon, by application of homeopathic remedies, the healing process will be shortened and accompanied by minimal pains possible.

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