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Want to keep Corona at bay? Strengthen your immunity with homeopathy
Want to keep Corona at bay? Strengthen your immunity with homeopathy

Want to keep Corona at bay Strengthen your immunity with homeopathy

Did you know, India is at the brink of reporting 10,000 cases every day? The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused sheer panic. If you have low immunity,you might be more susceptible to the infection. Until the scientists around the world come up with a vaccine, one of the crucial shields against the Coronavirus is immunity.

Let’s understand the Coronavirus in a broader perspective.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The most common Covid-19 symptoms experienced are fever, cough and tiredness. Some other major symptoms also include difficulty in breathing and chest pain. Sore throat, aches and nasal congestion are also some other symptoms.

This virus initiates an infection in either your upper or lower respiratory tract system – theupper respiratory tract being sinuses, nose and throat whereas the lower respiratory tract being the windpipe and lungs.

Who’s at more risk for the Coronavirus disease?

According to WHO, people with underlying illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases or diabetes are more likely to develop Covid-19.

As per the guidelines issued by WHO, the best way to curb this virus is to stop its spread. This virus tends to spread through the saliva droplets, coughing and sneezing by the infected person. Considering these possibilities, it’s best to be socially distant and follow basic etiquettes such as covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing. If you know for a fact that you have come in contact with a Covid positive person, it’s best to quarantine yourself, stay in isolation and protect the people around you.  Your immune system works silently to destroy any foreign antigens which may threaten your health. A healthy immunity is your first line of defence against infections and therefore in times like this, it is important to ensure that our immunity is at its best.

Want to keep Corona at bay? Strengthen your immunity with homeopathy


Immunity and homeopathy

Homeopathy and immunity share a closely linked relationship. The core functionality of homeopathy itself works towards strengthening the immune system.According to the research studies provided by WHO on the efficacy of homeopathy for immunity-based ailments, evidence has proven that homeopathy is effective.

As opposed to attacking the specific problem, homeopathy focuses on re-establishing a person’s health by strengthening the immune system. Along with helping you defend yourself against the virus, boosting immunity is also relevant when it comes to recovering from an illness.

 The AYUSH ministry, in a meeting held along with the Board of Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, recommended the homeopathic medicines for immunity called Arsenic-Album-30 as a homeopathic prophylactic. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album 30 derived a 100% success rate on a trial run with 30,000 individuals. So far, none of the patients consuming this homeopathic medicine have experienced the symptoms of COVID-19.

Another homeopathic medicine that has been mentioned notably is Camphora or Camphor 1M. It primarily acts as a cough suppressant and also helps you relieve the congestion. Other Camphora benefits also include helping with the following:

  • The initial stages of cold and excessive sneezing due to chilliness.
  • Sudden collapse and frosting coldness.

However, it’s strongly recommended not to self-medicate and you shouldn’t use Camphora 1M unless under a homeopathy doctor’s supervision.

Reportedly, homeopathy has a track record of preventing, managing and dealing with the outbreaks of infectious diseases on a large scale. It has proved its efficacy during multiple epidemics and cases of flu in the earlier decades.

  • 10 years ago, Andhra Pradesh was hit with Japanese Encephalitis which is a brain disease targeting children below the age of 10. Homeopathic medicines were distributed by the government after which no child was reported as infected. (Deccan Herald)
  • In 1921 when the Influenza epidemic hit the world, a study from Ohio concluded that 24,000 people were treated allopathically with a mortality rate of 28.2% while the 26,000 people given homeopathic treatment reported a mortality rate of 1.05%. (Source: National Health Portal)
  • 26,715 cases of Spanish flu were supervised by homeopathic doctors with the mortality rate of 1.05% as opposed to 30% of mortality rate reported by the conventional treatment. (American Institute of Homeopathy Journal)

In 2004, an observational study was conducted on 456 patients of mild viral infections. A set of patients were provided homeopathic combination and another set with conventional medicines. Towards the end of the treatment, it was concluded that patients with homeopathic medications saw a success rate of 78% cases. (Source: International Journal of Clinical Practice)

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Why Dr Batra’sTM?

Dr Batra’sTMis a wholesome remedy to the question, “How to increase immunity power in body naturally?”When the lethal swine flu hit the nation, Dr Batra’sTMwas on the frontline when it came to distributing homeopathic medicines for free. The marvelling outcome was that none of those patients were reported to be infected by the flu. Our homeopaths can provide absolutely safe homeopathic medicines which are devoid of any toxic ill-effects.

If you still have doubts about how to increase your immunity, Dr Batra’sTMwill be delighted to answer your queries when you book an online appointment.

Self Help Tips

Self-care in the times of Corona is extremely important. Binging on ice-cream and being a couch potato all day may sound tempting but it can seriously harm your body. Acknowledge your body’s need to eat healthy food. Create a routine which includes physical exertion and religiously stick to it. But at the same time, don’t be too hard on yourself to stay productive all the time. Create a balance which works well for you. 

Until this virus wears off, indulge in self-care, stay productive and remember that prevention with homeopathic medicines to boost immunity will always be better than cure.

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