The Truth About Winter Weight Gain (And How to Avoid It)

The Truth About Winter Weight Gain (And How to Avoid It)

The pleasantly cool mornings and chilly nights make for a truly wonderful time of the year. Yet, winters may also get your worried about sporting double chins and not fitting into your favourite pair of jeans. Winter weight gain is a sad but true phenomenon. While winters are not to be blamed as one of the causes of obesity, the season does make you put on undesirable weight. Let’s take a look at possible reasons why you might be piling on the pounds as the temperatures dip.

  1. Longer hours of sleep

In winters we tend to sleep longer as the days seem shorter. According to experts, the resulting lack of physical activity and an intake of the same number of calories (or more) leads to weight gain in winters.

  1. Increased comfort foods

In the holiday season, we tend to indulge in foods that are high in calories. This sudden increase in consumption of fried or sugary foods does reflect on the weighing scale.

  1. Toasting to the holidays

An increased consumption of alcohol is one of the main causes of obesity in urban cities. Cocktails are high in calories and raising a glass to toast too frequently will see an undesirable increase in weight.

  1. Lesser physical activity

As the temperatures dip, we tend to feel more lethargic and averse to stepping outdoors. Thus, your regular routine of a morning walk or a trip to the gym might go off balance in the cold weather.

  1. The biological factor

According to medical experts, our body works to conserve and accumulate fats in winters as a natural mechanism to protect against the cold. This is one of the main reasons why most people pile on the pounds in cold weather.

  1. Tempting menu advertisements

As the seasons change, so do advertisements. Restaurants and brands capitalize on the moment and thus you see many tempting advertisements of new coffee flavours and winter specials such as buffets on discount. It’s no wonder winters make us pile on the pounds.

Tips to Tackle the Bulge

Winter is almost everyone’s favourite time of the year and there is no reason why a little weight gain should stand between you and your chance of having a good time. Here are some simple tips to help you battle the bulge so that you can enjoy the season while looking your fabulous best.

  1. Conquer unhealthy snacking

It is hard to resist that delicious snack platter at a party. However, unhealthy snacking over a long period of time is one of the major causes of obesity. A simple trick is to eat a little at home before you go. Fill up on fibre such as fruits, salad or oatmeal and you will automatically indulge less once you reach the party.

  1. Cut down the spirits

It is difficult to refuse a glass of wine or a beer at a party. What you can do is to alternate your alcoholic beverages with a glass of water or a fresh lime soda. This will help cut down your drink calories and keep you feeling fresh through the evening.

  1. Phone a friend

Exercising alone can seem especially boring in winters. Find a buddy to join you on that morning walk or jog. Regular exercise is an important aspect of obesity treatment. If mornings are too cold, find a weekend class of yoga or zumba to stay fit.

  1. Rethink those creamy beverages

As tempting as that spiced latte may seem, give it a skip. Or order a small sized cup. In winters, the best beverages are green tea, black coffee, and good old water. Avoid beverages that have too much cream, sugar, and condensed milk in them.

  1. Chew food slowly

Research shows that chewing your morsels slowly helps better metabolic response in the body. Never wolf down your meals. Moreover, avoid watching TV at meal times as you will tend to eat more while your attention is diverted elsewhere.

  1. Keep a cool head

The stress of holiday shopping and budgeting can be exhausting. This can lead to a lot of stress-based comfort snacking. Try to stay as relaxed as possible. Take some time out for yourself: switch off your phone at meal times, meditate for a few minutes daily or join a hobby class. A calm mind begets a healthy body.

  1. Draw the curtains

In winters, we tend to sleep longer due to the lack of light. One simple trick is to leave your curtains open at night. This will let the light flood in at dawn and warm up the room, thus leaving you feeling energetic and ready to begin the day in earnest.

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