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Tips that can help save a life of someone with a food allergy

Tips that can help save a life of someone with a food allergy

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Food allergies are very common as there are some more than 10 million cases of food allergies reported in a year in India. A food allergy in a nut shell (no pun intended) can be described as the immune system attacking a particular ingredient or certain protein in the food (allergen) though it is not harmful for the body. The body releases chemicals to fight these allergens like histamine which in turn causes inflammation in the skin and body.

There can be a variety of symptoms that can crop up due to ingestion of an allergic food item like:

  • Hives
  • Vomiting and/or stomach cramps
  • Skin rash and itching
  • Repetitive cough
  • Tight and hoarse throat
  • Swelling of the tongue, affecting the ability to talk or breathe
  • Weak pulse
  • Dizziness or feeling faint
  • Anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening reaction that can impair breathing and send the body into shock.

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The intensity of the symptom depends on the amount of allergen ingested by the person. So, here are some ways where you can be prepared if you are allergic to certain food items:

  1. Be label informed. While buying ready to eat stuff, be always sure of reading the labels to understand the ingredients. If you find your allergen in the mix, politely place the product down and move on.
  2. Cook responsibly. If there is a person with food allergy in the house, then it is best to use separate cookware for them to avoid cross contamination.
  3. Eating out cautiously. It is very important to be extra cautious when you are dining out with friends or family. Let the restaurant and the chef know in advance about the list of ingredients you are allergic to. Tread carefully with coffee shops and fast food joints as well and ask about each of the dishes you are going to order in explicit detail. For more info, read Tips to Eat Out With Food Allergy
  4. Be ready. Be ready with your plan in simple steps if you unknowingly ingest any allergen as a well-written plan can save your life.
  5. ID bracelet. It is very important for you to wear an allergy bracelet with the details of your allergen listed along with the emergency contact details.
  6. Always carry your medicines. If it is an antihistamine or any other SOS for your allergy that your doctor has prescribed, carry minimum 2 doses with you all the time as prevention is better than cure.

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Peanuts, Soy, Wheat, Shell fish, Eggs are considered to be the most common allergens and some of them can cause very severe symptoms like anaphylaxis which can lead to death as well.

Allergy Treatment:

The best allergy treatment is to be very cautious about what you eat and prevent it even before it begins. However, homeopathy treatment for allergies have recently been a talk of the town as homeopathy boasts a better treatment result towards patients with food allergies than conventional medicine. Homeopathy treats the problem from the root and hence the chance of relapsing of the allergy is also considerably less in comparison to conventional treatment methods.

At Dr Batra’sTM, we have treated many patients with food allergies with a success rate of 94% (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors). Our team of experienced doctors understands the history of the patients, identify the trigger points and then administer homeopathy which not only offers significant relief in recent onset allergies but also treats chronic ones as well. They also treat the underlying problem that may be inducing the allergy and hence improves the overall quality of life.

If you have feared your allergen till now, then it’s time to turn the tide and book an appointment at https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment to lead a life free of all fears and allergies.

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