Rooting Out Hair Loss with Homeopathy

Rooting Out Hair Loss with Homeopathy

23-year-old Mansi was distressed by hair loss for over two years. She had experimented with all sorts of lotions and potions, shampoos and medications that promised her for hair fall control and hair oils that supposedly assured hair growth.

The result, however, was next to nothing. To top it all, she was diagnosed with cystic ovaries or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and anaemia, the most likely underlying triggers of hair loss, just about a month before she consulted us for hair fall solution.

On medical examination of her hair loss condition, Mansi was also found to have dandruff with thinning of hair along the partition. Mansi’s father and maternal uncle, she told us, had suffered from hair loss too. There was, however, no family history of other health problems.

Mansi had a normal appetite with a special fondness for fish, eggs, sweets and spicy food. She appeared to be reserved by temperament with a tendency to hold back her emotions and feelings and not share them with others. Not even with her mother. Although she preferred to communicate with just a few words, she nursed big ambitions of making it big in her field of software development. She was apparently hard- working, determined and focused on doing well in her life and career but lacked self-confidence.

Mansi was prescribed an appropriate hair fall treatment based on her presenting and other symptoms. The homeopathic remedy given to her was essentially the medicine of choice because of her personality type — lack of self- esteem, the diffident, introverted, soft and lonely type. She also harboured several lurking fears including agoraphobia, anxiety about health, fear of death and of being alone at night with the primary fear being of “some weird people around” her.

She started showing progress, albeit slowly. Gradually, her hair loss stopped and there was some new growth too. Following homeopathic hair falling treatment for a year, Mansi was extremely happy with her new head of hair. Her other health concerns — PCOS and anaemia — too responded favourably as established through clinical tests.

Homeopathy hair fall treatment

Homeopathy hair loss treatment is different from conventional medicine, where individuals are diagnosed on the basis of just the illness or disease — and, the same medicine is given for each condition. Homeopathy prescribes a different remedy for a given illness, depending on a multitude of factors, such as the personality of the individual, their state of mind and lifestyle. In other words, the illness may be the same by name, but the presentation of the illness in no two individuals is the same — so, they are given two different homeopathic remedies that suit their distinctive personality, or individuality.

Moreover, homeopathy has proven results with various scientific studies supporting its efficacy. A study conducted in Scotland revealed that 90 per cent of patients with patchy hair loss opted for homeopathic treatment as the first choice of treatment. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss actually helps to slow down the progression of the bald patches and fill them up with new hair. A complete recovery is possible in most cases.

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