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Pregnancy & hair fall in women
Pregnancy & hair fall in women

Pregnancy & hair fall in women

It's common knowledge that pregnancy can do a number on your hair. During pregnancy, your body enters into metabolic shifts which can also affect scalp health. What happens? Hair follicles become dry from hormonal changes. Thus, you experience thinning locks and breakage because the ends get rougher than usual and are susceptible to damage.

In pregnancy, hair fall begins during the initial stage of conception. This hair growth continues till six months postpartum, and numerous factors determine its final length and texture, such as diet, mental stress, or hormonal changes occurring within your body during that specific period. Some women may develop severe hair fall during pregnancy, and hair regrowth will be slow.

Reasons for hair loss in pregnant women:

Telogen effluvium

The severity of hair fall differs from one woman to another depending on her body type, texture, colour, etc. Hair fall is because of the increased level of oestrogen in pregnant women that alters blood supply to the hair follicles. This blocks hair growth and causes hair breakage, making hair strands thinner until they eventually come out of the scalp. The condition typically lasts till the delivery date as it declines after childbirth when hormone levels become more stable.

Thyroid Problems: Pregnant women can suffer from hair loss due to thyroid imbalances. In some cases, hair growth is fragile, and hair color becomes dull. The hair fall will be worse in the menopause years because of this abnormality.

Postpartum Hair loss: Hair fall after pregnancy is postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss usually occurs around six weeks after delivery, when estrogen levels resulting from the fluctuation of hormones associated with pregnancy are relatively low. Postpartum hair fall typically begins two months after delivery.

Role of hair growth hormones during pregnancy:

Many hair loss conditions occur during pregnancy because the hair follicle miniaturizes due to genetic changes caused by the interaction of several hormones. Hormonal changes cause hair follicles to decrease hair production, making hair strands thinner and weaker until they eventually break and fall off.
Pregnancy hormone levels constantly fluctuate, causing hair growth problems in pregnant women, and there is no easy way to grow rapid hair when it's gone without replacement. Some hair loss treatment helps prevent hair fall, reverse existing thinning, or helps regain lost hair, but there is no miracle cure for this condition. Also, homeopathy has proved very efficient in treating hair fall problems without any side effects.

Pregnancy & hair fall in women

How to prevent hair loss during pregnancy:

Follow a balanced diet: A balanced diet that contains hair growth, essential vitamins, and nutrients increases hair health. Focus on getting enough protein, iron, zinc, vitamin b 12, hair growth-stimulating hormones, and amino acids. Protein is an important building material for hair growth, so eat hair loss foods like lean meat, poultry, seafood, egg whites, beans and lentils to secure the hair from breakage.

Be gentle with your hair: You don't need to shampoo your hair every day as it can dry out your scalp and make your hair dull. Also, use a mild shampoo or homemade shampoos, which are natural.

Be gentle with your hairstyles: Avoid hairstyles that put a lot of pressure on the hair shaft like cornrows or tight ponytails because this puts more pressure on each strand resulting in breakage and thinning hair. Opt for hairstyles that won’t stress your strands, thus preventing hair breakage.

Please consult your doctor: Consult a hair-loss expert doctor for hair growth during pregnancy as he/she has a better knowledge of how to treat hair fall and will guide you in the best hair care routine.

Dr. Batra’s® homeopathic treatment for hair loss during pregnancy:

Dr. Batra’s® homeopathic treatment for hair loss promotes hair growth in pregnant women by improving blood circulation and nutrients to hair follicles. Our homeopathic treatment has a holistic approach. It also soothes mental tension and anxiety that may make hair loss worse. Continue hair treatment for at least 6 to 8 months after delivery.

Dr. Batra’s® hair fall control kit prevents hair fall or hair loss during pregnancy. It contains homeopathic hair growth remedies to get rid of hair fall problems.

Book an appointment now for Dr. Batra’s homeopathic treatment for hair loss.

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