Dr Akshay Batra

Dr Akshay Batra

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Dr. Akshay Batra is a preserver of homeopathy, a renowned doctor, author, philanthropist, and medical entrepreneur. He stands at the forefront of homeopathic healthcare, leading with a vision that integrates tradition with innovation. As the Managing Director of Dr Batra's® Healthcare, he manages the largest chain of Homeopathic Clinics, Day-care Aesthetic Centres, and Health and Wellness Products, both in India and internationally.

A third-generation homeopath, Dr. Akshay Batra successfully continues the legacy of the Batra family. He earned his medical degree (B.H.M.S.) in Homeopathy from KESCHK Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai University, and further specialized in Homeopathic Dermatology, C.P.H. – Pediatrics, and Trichology (L.T.T.S.) from The Trichological Society, London. His journey spans from a practicing doctor to roles as Executive Director, CEO, Deputy Managing Director, and presently, Managing Director. His commitment to continuous learning is narrated by his participation in leadership programs from Harvard, Indian School of Business, and London Business School.

Following in his father's footsteps, the nation's homeopath Padma Shri Dr. Mukesh Batra, joined his father's practice when it was just three clinics strong. Dr. Akshay has been instrumental in the exponential growth of Dr Batra's Healthcare. At present, Dr. Akshay Batra is pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into homeopathic treatments, showcasing a forward-looking approach to holistic healthcare. His vision drives the evolution of Dr. Batra's Healthcare, combining traditional treatment with cutting-edge technology for comprehensive and effective healthcare solutions globally.

Dr. Akshay Batra's dedication to trichology has been internationally recognized and rewarded. He holds the prestigious “Robert Olding Award,” which is a mark of exceptional accomplishment in the field. His impact extends beyond India, earning him recognition as one of Asia One's "50 Most Influential Indians Under 50." He's also a champion of homeopathy, receiving the "Youth Excellence in Homeopathy Award" from the International Institute of Education and Management. But perhaps his most noteworthy achievement is becoming the first Indian president of the Trichological Society of London. This leadership role signifies his global impact on trichology.

As a trustee of Dr Batra's Healthcare Foundation, Dr. Akshay Batra leads programs that provide healthcare to over 100,000 underprivileged patients annually. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Batra's healthcare distributed over 2 crore prophylactic homeopathy doses free-of-cost, including 20 lakh doses to Maharashtra Police Personnel and frontline medical warriors in hospitals. Dr Batra's healthcare clinics open their doors for free treatment hours every month to break down financial barriers. The foundation also partners with NGOs to provide free homeopathic consultations and medications for a lifetime to underprivileged individuals. Dr. Akshay Batra supports women empowerment in the field of homeopathy, with over 60% of women employees in Dr Batra's Healthcare, fostering diversity and inclusivity.

In addition to his professional pursuits, one can find Dr. Akshay invested in his passion for music and also holds Visharad (Bachelor's degree) in vocal Indian Classical music. Beyond his passion for music, he enjoys adventurous activities like skiing and horse riding.

Dr. Akshay Batra's career embodies dedication to excellence, education, and humanitarian efforts, setting a standard for holistic healthcare worldwide.

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