Parents, Beware of These 8 Causes of Childhood Obesity

Parents, Beware of These 8 Causes of Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children has become a worrisome global epidemic. Gone are the days when being overweight was a condition associated with adulthood. These days, children below the age of 10 years are tipping the weighing scales excessively. A major cause for concern are the health issues and risks associated with being overweight. An increasingly high number of children are falling victim to diabetes, thyroid disorders, and cholesterol problems. A cause for concern indeed.

Research polls conducted showed that a surprisingly large number of parents were not able to distinguish the difference between being overweight and obese. A BMI score of 30 and above is considered obese. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for successful weight loss to avoid health complications. However, before taking any steps it is important that one understands causes of obesity. Here are 9 causes of obesity in children which a parent must watch out for.

  1. Skipping breakfast

Most children tend to skip morning breakfast as they rush off to school. Eating a single slice of bread and butter does not provide any nutrition. Skipping the first meal of the day leads to unhealthy snacking on fried foods at midday from the school canteen. This causes weight gain on the long run.

  1. Irregular sleep habits

With the virtual world taking over our lives, most children have access to videogames and social networking sites in the privacy of their own room. Thus, unknown to their parents, they stay up late surfing the internet and barely get a few hours of sleep at night.

  1. High stress levels

Studies have shown that children face extremely high levels of stress in the modern education system. Increasing levels of competitiveness and the pressure of education has led many children to experience stress related weight gain akin to that of adults.

  1. Unhealthy snacking

One of the biggest causes of obesity is unhealthy snacking. An influx of processed foods in the market has led too an increased intake of salt and sugar in the daily diet. Added to the problem is the fact that most families see two working parents with children left to choose their own snacks through the day.

  1. Inactive lifestyle

A sad but true fact is that children hardly go outdoors to play anymore. Traditional games of running and active playing have given way to a preference for videogames and social networking. This lack of activity has led to a growing trend of obesity among school-going children.

  1. Medical conditions

Hypothyroidism and an intake of certain medications such as steroids and antidepressants can lead to obesity. Moreover, obesity tends to run in families. If your family gene tends to lean towards overweight, you would need to watch your child’s diet early on.

  1. Depression

A sad but true fact is that school-going children are dealing with depression world over. Increasing levels of peer pressure, materialism, loneliness of a nuclear family setup and the need to conform leaves many children depressed. Comfort eating is known to be a major cause of obesity in children.

  1. Televised meal times

Studies have proved that the modern concept of eating meals infront of the TV has led to an increased case of obesity among children. When watching television, we tend to overeat and especially reach out for fried and oily snacks to create a sense of gratification.

  1. Air-conditioned lifestyle

Air-conditioning may feel good but in actuality, it is harmful for health. Sweating helps the body burn calories. Children tend to spend most of their day in air-conditioned classrooms and homes which doesn’t allow their bodies to burn calories while sweating. While this is not a major cause of obesity in children, it definitely is a contributing factor.

Homeopathy and Obesity Treatment

An increasing number of parents opt for weight loss surgeries for their children. A surgery can be a traumatic experience for a child and is best avoided. Homeopathy offers an integrated approach to tackling obesity in children. Homeopathic medicines are safe, natural, and free from side-effects. Moreover, homeopathic obesity treatment is painless. Medicines are prescribed to promote weight loss, increase immunity, and maintain optimum metabolic rate. Long with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, homeopathic medicines have proved time and again their efficacy in dealing with obesity in children. Do not let your young ones suffer the scourge of obesity at a tender age. Speak to a homeopathic doctor about the best obesity treatment options for your child for healthy and wholesome healing.

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