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Like every cheerful and lively child, 8 years old Shreyaan plays on the ground every day. Since a few days, he started showing episodes of constant coughing. One day his mother noticed he had difficulty in swallowing and also started showing unusual fussiness. He had persistent fever and headache. He also suffered from stomach ache.

Shreyaan was then taken for detailed examination and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. He had swollen tonsils, and bad breath. His exams were around the corner too. Stress levels shoot up in his parents’ minds. What do they do? Prepare him for exams or take him for the never ending check-ups to a pediatrician.

The first line of every conventional tonsillitis treatment is antibiotics. When the pain and swelling does not subside for a long period of time, the pediatrician may suggest going for tonsillectomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove tonsils. Tonsils a tissue which helps prevent entry of viruses and bacteria through the nose and mouth.

Surgeries are risky and invasive. Parents of an 8 year old child would any day be afraid of such procedures.

As per a study, surgical removal of the tonsils is a widely applied procedure in cases of recurrent or chronic tonsillitis. Due to a series of fatal outcomes in children of Austria (in 2006) like primary and secondary hemorrhage, the standards and indications for tonsillectomy have slowly changed in Germany.

To know more on complications in tonsillitis, visit: https://www.drbatras.com/tonsillitis/tonsillitis-complications

Shreyaan’s parents were recommended homeopathy by a family friend after a long search for other options that are more reliable and non-invasive. Homeopathy is the safest, natural and effective treatment for tonsillitis.

International studies show that children who take homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis are less prone to infections and the use of antibiotics, and have better attendance at school.

Homeopathic medicines strengthen the immune system allowing the body to deal with infections in an efficient manner. They provide relief from the acute symptoms of tonsillitis. They are selected based on the symptoms and unique case history of the patient. The constitutional homeopathic medicine prescribed on the basis of the case history helps overcome the pain and difficulty of acute tonsillitis attacks, and raises the child’s immunity so that frequent tonsillitis attacks are avoided.

To know more on how homeopathy can help treat tonsillitis, watch Dr. Mukesh Batra talk about Tonsillitis Symptoms and treatment

This assured Shreyaan’s parents that his examinations and attendance at school won’t be affected. Children love Homeopathy as they are sweet and easily palatable.

Why Dr Batra’s™?

At Dr Batra’s™, we specialize in children’s ailments including treatment for tonsillitis. Our doctors are specially trained in handling children and their health complaints. After an thorough  examination, our doctors select a line of treatment. The aim of treatment is to reduce the number of attacks and increase the child’s immunity so that the child becomes less prone to picking up infections easily. Our treatments do not include any bitter pills, injections or surgeries. Hence, children can comply easily with our treatments and enjoy taking sweet homeopathic pills. Our doctors monitor the child’s progress based on international treatment protocols and aim at providing permanent relief.

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