“Ouch” these Corns really hurt…

“Ouch” these Corns really hurt…

28years Pramod suffered from painful thickened skin on both the soles since 4months. He had participated in a Marathon 2 weeks before he started with this complaint. It 1st started on the right sole and then developed on the left sole. There was unbearable pain making it difficult for him to walk. He visited a Podiatrician and it was diagnosed as Corns on both the soles. He used corn tapes to get rid of the corns but it did not help and then underwent surgical removal but it recurred. Then he resorted to homoeopathic treatment and was given homoeopathic medicine after detailed case study. The corns had vanished in 3 months of treatment and he continued for another 3months with homoeopathic medicine. Till date corns have never bothered him again.

A corn is a small swelling, usually seen on the feet and hands; it basically comprises of thickened, dead skin. When the skin is subject to constant friction against another surface, the body naturally tries to protect the skin by thickening the area under friction. Over a period of time this thickened skin forms an area of tough hardened skin, mostly dead skin cells. Corns often crop up on pressure points and places that are subject to constant friction- the soles, the ball of big toe, in between the fingers and toes. Ill-fitting shoes, high heels, an abnormal bone structures are common triggers. They pressurize certain areas of the skin and lead to the formation of corns. Corns are generally present as hard growths that are pale or yellow in color. Deep pressure on a corn causes pain- this is why you often go “Ouch” if you step on it early in the morning while getting off the bed. Soft corns are slightly different; these develop between fingers and toes. Soft corns are more painful then hard corns, they hurt badly when the adjacent fingers or toes rub against each other. Many people try to remove corns by cutting it with a sharp instrument. This may worsen the condition resulting in unnecessary injury.

Experts View on Homoeopathy for Corns

Homoeopathic treatment has been very effective in treating corns.

Recurrence is very common in corns. Conventional system of medicines treats corns by removing it surgically. Chances of recurrence of corns are meager when treated through homoeopathy.

The tendency to develop corns and calluses can be inherent. Homoeopathy targets this predisposition and removes corns from the roots.

Homoeopathic medicines can avoid painful surgeries and remove corns from the roots.

Homeopathic treatment is painless unlike surgery in conventional treatment.

Homoeopathy has zero side effects.

Diabetics can safely take homoeopathic treatment for corns and can be rest assured that they would never have to go through painful non-healing wound phase.

Self care Tips

Use foot pads to protect the areas where corns and calluses develop.

Soaking hands or feet in warm soapy water softens the corns

Do not cut the corns with sharp instruments as this can lead to infections.

Moisturize your hands and feet as this will keep your skin soft.

Wear footwear that do not constrict or squeeze your toes. Footwear should be well-fitting, cushioned and wear it with socks to avoid friction until corns disappear.

While bathing rub the corns with pumice stone or wash cloth to remove layers of toughened skin. Don’t use a pumice stone if you suffer from Diabetes.

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