Making presentations in public were no more a nightmare for me… Thanks to Homeopathy

Making presentations in public were no more a nightmare for me… Thanks to Homeopathy

This was many years ago but I still remember the feeling. I had completed my graduation and wanted to do higher studies for a better future. Competition for a well paid job stressed me completely. Finances were well managed by my parents and they always encouraged me to study for a better future. I was an average student and could not dare to go for chartered accountant studies as it was very tough and I would surely fail in my exams. I had no time to waste as I was very anxious to earn fast and give my parents a good life. The next well paid job for me was only if I did my MBA in Finance. I joined 1 of the most esteemed colleges in my city. I thought it was just studies and I would get through easily. A big challenge for came in when i was asked to give a presentation. It was a nightmare for me. Looking at the crowd I got nervous and was blank. I had lost confidence completely as the boys in my class started teasing me and called me” Miss. Blank”. On my way back home that day I was completely embarrassed and decided that I would take up some small job and would return all the money my parents had invested for my MBA studies. I reached home and burst out crying explaining the whole ordeal to my parents and they told me not to fear and things would get better. I had to give my presentation after a week’s time and could not gather the courage to do so. I generally share my feelings with my childhood best friend and she told me to visit her doctor who was a homeopath. First I was hesitant but knowing that I had to give the presentation next week I fixed an appointment with her doctor and visited her. After all the questioning for almost an hour she gave me small sweet pills with some medicine put in it. I was instructed by her to take 1 dose the night before and 1 dose 10 minutes before the presentation and to my surprise I successfully delivered the presentation and was appreciated by all my professors and colleagues. I regained the lost confidence and the nick name, “Miss. Blank” was instantly out. After that day till the time I finished my MBA I never suffered of nervousness while delivering presentations and successfully cleared MBA with a first class. I was also awarded for best presentations by my college. How Homeopathy helps in Nervousness? I was explained by my homeopathic doctor that homeopathy is not a habit forming medicine. Homeopathy is non-stimulating and does not cause sleepiness which is of primary importance when we are going to appear for any exam or competition. She said that Homeopathy does not affect alertness and helps you to be relaxed and be able to focus and perform. Homeopathic medicine is the best solution for individuals suffering of stage fright and nervous apprehensions as it helps to over-come nervousness without any side-effects. My doctor also guided me with a few exercises to overcome nervousness. She asked me to stand in front of the mirror and say this to myself daily that, “I am confident of managing my presentation and I shall be successful in the communication.” This helped me to rebuild my lost confidence as brought in more positivity within me. Second was she taught me how to de-activate by asking me to concentrate on my breathing and asked me to relax and forget all worries. This helped me to regain the energy I had lost because of mental stress. She advised me to eat foods containing Vitamin B12 like sprouts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, etc which helped in improving concentration levels. She told me that there are many medicines in Homeopathy for Nervousness. Every individual is different and has different thoughts during anxious or nervous state. So only an expert can help you with the correct homeopathic prescription.

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