Importance of Diet in Thyroid Disease…

Importance of Diet in Thyroid Disease…

An imbalance in the levels of thyroid hormones could lead to an underactive (Hypothyroid) or overactive (Hyperthyroid).

With any system of medicines we adopt to treat our thyroid problem, the foods we eat are also very important.

Since our system is already stressed and has lead to an imbalance in the thyroid hormone, feeding our body with the right foods is very necessary to help our system to be less burdened and make an environment of recovery possible.

Autoimmune conditions are taken care off when the immunity of our body is back to normal. The foods we eat are also responsible for our immunity to be at par.


Diet is a very vague term and is often misused. Diet means eating right foods at the right time.

The following 5 points are very essential while choosing the food we eat to maintain a healthy thyroid:

  • Digestion Time
  • Nutritive value
  • Alkalinity
  • Toxic Residue
  • Season and Local Availability


What should I consume through the day to bring back a healthy thyroid…?

Start your morning with plenty of fruits. Fruits contain natural fibers which help to have good bowel movement and helps in the process of elimination. Papaya, Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Black Dates, Black Raisins, Soaked Dried figs are most preferable. Having a glass of cinnamon water is of great help.

Fruits should always be eaten alone and not as a dessert.

Prefer Juicy before dry foods.

Prefer easy to digest foods before longer to digest foods.

Eat salads, vegetable juices before cooked, fried and non-vegetarian foods. Raw salads eaten first aids easy digestion.

Reduce the intake of wheat, bread and pastas. Eat more veggies instead, alternate with Bajra, Jowar, makai.

Cut down/ eliminate meat and dairy products.

Cut/ eliminate sugar from the diet and you can use organic jaggery/ honey/ black dates syrup instead.

Cut/ eliminate refined and processed foods as they are very complex for our body to understand and will utilize more energy from our body to digest them which makes us even more fatigued.

Include nuts or fresh fruits or dry fruits as snacks especially between 4-6p.m.

Never eat when you are stressed, depressed, angry, anxious or hurried. It changes the body chemistry and our body is unable to digest. Undigested food is highly toxic.

Only fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry-fruits, herbs-spices, sprouted seeds can heal us.


By eliminating certain foods, you will understand who the culprit is. Detoxifying the liver and the gut will provide another wave of relief.


Wishing you all a healthy food habit and healthy thyroid…

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