How thyroid problems changed my life?

How thyroid problems changed my life?

August 31, 2017 , Last updated: March 27, 2024

I am Lavanya, 39-year old married woman. I always considered marriage to be an emotional and physical relationship. I narrowed the purpose of marriage down to how my husband’s needs and how my needs could be met by each other. So much of our interactions hinged on our ability to connect emotionally and physically with each other based solely on our willingness, our devotion of love for one another.

Having recently celebrated 8 years of marriage, I have learned that marriage is affected by much more than just our willingness to connect emotionally or through physical touch.

I realized this within a few months of marriage with symptoms of thyroid disturbing our relationship. Thyroid problems like horrible mood swings, nightmares, and more, all of which affected the way I was, started affecting my husband too. My weight was fluctuating, anxiety ran rampant, I became short tempered and aggravated easily, my body felt as if it was breaking down and my husband was worried my mind was breaking down too. We were also searching for a reason as to why sex was painful for me.

Although my husband was patient with me, trying to understand the vulnerable state my body was in, he often tried to inspire me to be stronger and continue on with life regardless of my symptoms of thyroid. His approach was gentle, but in my fear and insecurities, I took it wrong. I thought he didn’t get it and that he didn’t care to get it.

It took me about six months to fully embrace my new normal and how my body was responding to the changes that came with taking thyroid treatment in homeopathy. Six months of what seemed like a roller coaster ride for me and my husband. That is when things started to turn for the better.

Thyroid treatment in homeopathy was actually stimulating better functioning of my thyroid gland so that it can produce the hormones on its own. Later on, I got to know about so many benefits of taking homeopathy for its long-lasting, side-effects free and safe treatment results.

In homeopathy thyroid treatment, doctors provide constitutional treatment, which focuses on improving the function of the thyroid gland by natural means. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to reactivate thyroid secretions. Homeopathic thyroid treatment helps to boost energy, improve circulation and thereby help balancing hypothyroid as well as hyperthyroid functions. It may be also used as a supportive help for regulating both hypo and hyper thyroid functions. The thyroid treatment can also reduce the dependency on external supplementation of the hormones and ensure good health in general. Besides taking homeopathy thyroid treatment, I’ve also taken care of my diet and regular lifestyle patterns.

Healthy nutritious food and low stress levels can minimise the chance of developing thyroid problems. A low glycaemic index diet (a diet based on controlling blood sugar) helps in controlling thyroid. Cut down on foods with high sugar and fat. Regular exercise is crucial. Exercise not only enables weight-loss but also releases ‘happy hormones’ in the body reducing stress and helping you cope with low moods and depression.

The bottom line is that a sensible diet and lifestyle can help prevent or control thyroid malfunction. Making small changes in my daily routine and sharing each and everything with my husband helped me to come a long way.

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