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Homeopathy To Regain Normal Menstrual Period
Homeopathy To Regain Normal Menstrual Period

Homeopathy To Regain Normal Menstrual Period

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Some women have very little trouble with their menstrual cycles, but others face a monthly ordeal. They experience an array of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms like irritability, mood swings, headache, bloating, water retention, and soreness of the breasts. Women may experience irregular periods, heavy blood flow, cramps, and various discomforts. It not only affects their physical health but causes emotional disturbances too.

In fact, it has been shown by several clinical studies that women suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome have a continuous abnormality in emotional state and stress reactivity (Source: NCBI). But the good news is that homeopathy has the answer for all these discomforts you go through.

With homeopathy PMS treatment, you can restore the functional hormonal imbalance naturally, thereby protecting your body from the possible side-effects of hormonal drugs. To consult a professional homeopathic doctor for PMS treatment, you can book an online appointment.

Common medications used to treat PMS

In majority of the cases, PMS pain and other symptoms get relieved by making a few lifestyle changes. However, in a few cases, patients are advised to take one or more medicines to ease their premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Hormonal medicines are often used to relieve PMS symptoms but these medications suppress the production of certain hormones made naturally in the body and therefore interfere with the menstrual cycle. They may even cause side-effects like nausea, excessive bleeding/spotting, breast tenderness, and increased risk of blood clotting (deep vein thrombosis). Other medicines used include anti-depressants, diuretics (water pills), painkillers, and anti-anxiety drugs.

PMS treatment in homeopathy – Natural and holistic way of correcting your hormonal imbalance

Different women experience different symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in varying intensities. There are various homeopathic remedies for PMS which provide great relief, safe treatment, and long-lasting results.

Homeopathy To Regain Normal Menstrual Period

The efficacy of homeopathy treatment for PMS has also been proven by several clinical studies. In a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial, women suffering from clinically diagnosed PMS and treated with individualised homeopathic treatment showed good relief. In 2 studies conducted in Israel, 90% of women treated with homeopathy over 3 months experienced an improvement in their PMS symptoms.

Another very important benefit of taking homeopathy treatment for PMS is that it helps women get relief for the associated complaints, like asthma, migraine, or depression.

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At Dr Batra's™, our homeopathic doctor takes a detailed consultation of the patient to understand the root cause of PMS. They may ask questions related to your medical history, likes and dislikes, personality and temperament. Based on the diagnosis of your condition, our team of homeopathic doctors, gynaecologists and endocrinologists develop a customized treatment plan comprising of best homeopathic medicine for PMS, nutrition and lifestyle changes to yield the best results.

Here's how homeopathy helped Shikha regain normal menstrual periods

35-year-old Shikha came to us with complaints of increased menstruation for over a year, because of which her hemoglobin levels had gone down markedly. She was prescribed iron supplements by her conventional physician. However, she developed severe constipation after consuming them. Slowly, her habit of straining at stool led to bleeding piles (haemorrhoids). When she came to us, she said that she preferred her profuse menses to her troublesome evacuation. On detailed case-taking, our homeopathic doctor found that she was mild-natured, sensitive, lethargic and also indecisive. She did not feel thirsty and would consume just 2-3 glasses of water a day.

Our doctor prescribed her an appropriate homeopathic remedy, based on her mild and over-sentimental temperament with menstrual excess. This not only relieved her heavy periods and anaemia, but also eased her constipation and piles. Homeopathic treatment also helped her absorb natural iron from her daily diet, rather than depend on the supplemental iron.

Self Help Tips

Self-help tips to cope with PMS symptoms such as pain, breast tenderness, and mood swings

  • Regular exercise.
  • De-stress by relaxation techniques, yoga, and meditation.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Eat less salt.
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