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Homeopathy offers you safe hair loss treatment

Homeopathy offers you safe hair loss treatment

Did you know human beings have an average of 5 million hair on the body, out of which 1 lakh to 5 lakh hair are on the scalp? Each of the hair is composed of keratin, regarded as the most powerful protein in the nature. As hair is formed by the strongest protein, it is incredibly strong too. It is estimated that an average head of 1 lakh hair, if bundled together, could withstand the strain of 12 tons, provided the scalps were strong enough.

Hair is not only the strongest, but also the fastest growing tissue in our body. Human hair grows at a speed of about 1 cm every month. Or say, 5 inches per year, and keeps on growing for up to 6 years. Once, the cycle is complete, hair eventually falls out and a new hair strand starts growing in its place.

You must be wondering if hair tissues are so strong, why you even lose hair. Why do they fall? Girls must be thinking of their hair length after knowing about the ‘speedy speed of hair tissues’. You are right! All of us wish to have healthy and shiny hair. But there is certain mechanism behind our body functions. If we don’t treat our body right, we might happen to see its adverse effects sometime in future.

For instance, your diet is lacking healthy foods and you’re feeding it only with junk, you might become prone to one or more nutrient deficiency in future. Example – iron deficiency (anemia) may cause hair loss in both men and women. This is just the case, while there are other things which cause hair loss like pollution, stress, drugs, smoking, chronic illnesses, etc.

Hence, if you are experiencing hair loss and see 50-100 strands falling from your head into the sink, pillow, or while taking shower, it is normal. However, if the number of hair you lose very day increases, it is of great concern. The best thing would be to administer the problem with homeopathy to a trichologist to get an appropriate hair loss treatment.

Homeopathy hair loss treatment is free from side-effects. Not only do homeopathic medicines for hair loss reduce the amount, but they also protect the body from harmful effects (such as decreased libido, ejaculation problems in men) that are common with conventional drugs.

The homeopathic medicines for hair loss such as Thuja Occidentalis or Sabal serrulata have been used for hair loss treatment for over 100 years. International clinical studies have proven that the two homeopathic medicines cited are natural DHT-inhibitors, i.e., they can control hair loss caused by DHT — without side-effects.

Importantly, hair fall treatment in homeopathy does not target only the physical complaints, but also targets the mind and gently restores mind body equilibrium —homeopathy treats patients as a ‘whole.’ This makes it an excellent solution for hair problems related to the mind, such as stress-related patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), hair-pulling disorder (trichotillomania), or stress-induced massive hair shedding.

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