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Hypothyroidism & Its Homeopathy Treatment

Hypothyroidism & Its Homeopathy Treatment

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. In other words, when your thyroid gland is unable to make the required minute quantities of thyroid hormones, you end up having too little thyroid hormones — this is what hypothyroidism is all about.

Hypothyroidism leads to clinical signs of thyroid deficiency — low metabolic rate, weight disorders [obesity], hair loss, sleepiness, and sometimes myxoedema, a relatively hard swelling of the subcutaneous tissue, characterised by thickening of the skin, blunting of the senses and intellect, including laboured speech.


Hypothyroidism affects 10 per cent of women worldwide — and about 3-5 per cent of the general population. It often goes unnoticed — even though it makes one feel persistently weak and tired.

The causes of hypothyroidism may tag along certain disorders of the hypothalamus, or the pituitary gland. It is typified by reduced secretion of the thyroid stimulating hormone [TSH]. It may, likewise, be caused because of idiopathic agenesis [unknown cause, or absence, or failure of formation], or imperfect development of the thyroid gland, or atrophy [wasting].


Research suggests that 20-30 per cent of individuals with hypothyroid problems are evidenced to experience hair loss earlier and more quickly than others. Hair loss, therefore, tends to persist in them, notwithstanding appropriate treatment. Most patients do not also often realise that their hair loss may be triggered by the thyroid disorder.


The symptoms of hypothyroidism are often present for years before a diagnosis is made. This is often because of the fact that symptoms are frequently vague and blurred and/or attributed to non-specific causes.

  • A general sense of tired feeling, or lethargy
  • Physical and mental sluggishness
  • Muscular pain, menstrual problems and hair loss
  • Impaired hearing, loss of sensation and constipation
  • Angina [chest pain] and heart-related symptoms.

Hypothyroid problems affect every organ, or tissue, of the body, and also cause goitre — that’s the unique feature of the disorder and subject to variation. The trademark signs may include a gruff voice, puffy eyes; other gross features may include slowness of expression and movements.


Your homeopathic doctor will look into your typically characteristic dry, scaly, cold and thickened skin — this is called as ‘strawberries-and-cream’ facial appearance; or, pale expression.

  • Thin lips with a light purple appearance
  • A foul odour emanating from the mouth
  • Scalp hair may be coarse or brittle with bald spots
  • The pulse is often slow
  • Blood pressure may be a bit low. It may, sometimes, be normal, or elevated too, with electroencephalograph [EEG] changes. EEG is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain.

Homeopathy offers good, long-term healing outcomes in the treatment of hypothyroid problems. Homeopathic treatment is primarily aimed at controlling and regulating the specific and contributory symptoms, while restoring the thyroid hormone levels back to normal.

Homeopathic treatment for thyroid problems also helps in reducing dependence on conventional medications. Individuals on homeopathic treatment, under the supervision of a professional homeopathic doctor, for hypothyroidism, often report of a significant improvement in their general health and overall well-being. This is attributed to homeopathic medicines working holistically to correct the hormonal imbalance. Evidence-based clinical and therapeutic studies report that homeopathic medicines for hypothyroidism play an important role in ‘immuno-modulation’ at the cellular level, while ‘reversing’ the disorder — safely and effectively.


  • Regular exercise and a high-fibre diet often help in maintaining thyroid function and preventing constipation
  • Tea made from bladder wrack, or seaweed, is helpful in reducing weight and easing hypothyroid symptoms
  • Follow-up with you homeopathic doctor on a regular basis.
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