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'Moderation is the key' – how many times have you heard this phrase? Often overused, yet relevant. Health, well-being as well as success rest on one principle: All things in moderation. As in life, the concept of moderation applies to all the biological as well as metabolic functions in our body as well. This is the reason why when our thyroid gland (an endocrine gland located in our neck that makes two hormones necessary for normal functioning of our body) produces more thyroid hormones than required, it results in an imbalance causing the condition called Hyperthyroidism –over-activity of the thyroid gland.

Hyperthyroidism causes lot of symptoms like anxiety, unexplained weight loss, brittle hair, weakened muscles, especially in thighs and upper arms, rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute), shaky hands, and sweating. If left untreated, it might cause serious problems with the heart, bones, muscles, and fertility. During pregnancy, untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to health problems for both the mother and baby. To know the symptoms of thyroid and when to see the doctor click .

Hyperthyroidism can be treated. Hyperthyroidism treatment in homeopathy is safe and effective. Homeopathic treatment for thyroid is individualised and treats every individual with a unique remedy that focuses in treating the root cause of hyperthyroidism. It therefore offers sure and long-lasting relief. If you or your family member is suffering from hyperthyroidism, click to book an appointment with an expert homeopath

To know more on Homeopathy for thyroid click.

Case Study

Thirty-years-old Ragini came to Dr Batra'sTM complaining significant weight loss in just few months. She had lost around 10 kgs in span of 3 months without making any significant changes in her diet and lifestyle. She also suffered from mood swings, felt anxious all the times and experienced shaky hands with lot of sweating. The symptoms indicated hyperthyroidism. We advised her to take thyroid test that signaled hyperthyroidism.

On the basis of her detailed case history and analysis, we prescribed her a homeopathic remedy. She was regularly tracked for changes in her weight, bone mass, muscle mass, total water content and basal metabolic index [BMI]. As the treatment progressed, over a period of one year, she gained weight and her thyroid was under control.


Homeopathy treats hyperthyroidism with safe, natural medicines, without any side-effects. It considers thyroid disorders as a result of autoimmune glandular dysfunction. It provides a better chance of treatment, because the treatment is patient-specific, based on the individual’s persona — not just the disorder by its name alone.

What it means is that the homeopathic medicine for thyroid is selected depending on the patient's mental, physical and psychological make-up that is specific to them along with the symptoms produced.

Conventional treatment for thyroid disorders primarily relies on drugs that stop thyroid gland from making hormones and surgery. Homeopathic treatment, on the other hand, is aimed to improve thyroid function naturally, not synthetically. Homeopathic medicines for thyroid work by stimulating the body's own healing capacity. They encourage the body to reactivate hormone secretions, replenish and reinstate thyroid physiology [function], while helping to heal the body naturally. It therefore treats without any side-effects.

Homeopathic treatment is also useful as a supportive therapy for regulating thyroid problems.

Self Help Tips
  • Pay attention to the symptoms. Report them to your homeopathic doctor for an effective treatment.
  • Include few nutritious things in your diet that help curb thyroid production, naturally like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, turnip, peaches and pears.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and dairy products.
  • Vitamin supplements and mineral combinations, which can help ease hyperthyroidism, should be taken under medical supervision
  • Follow-up with your homeopathic doctor on a regular basis.
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