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Homeopathy looks at diabetes as a reflection of the body's inability to function optimally, or imbalance in the body's capacity to effectively utilise insulin that it produces, or not generate sufficient insulin for its needs.

Homeopathic remedies for diabetes correct the underlying problem — the trigger for diabetes, be it stress or anything else, from the ‘root.’ Not just its mere manifestation. It also takes into account the fact that no two diabetic individuals present with identical problems. Each of us is unique.

In other words, homeopathy treats the person, the individual, in toto, including the origin, or the source of their illness — in this case, diabetes. Homeopathic remedies for diabetes complement conventional treatment towards maintaining the levels of insulin and hypoglycaemic drugs at minimum possible dosage levels, while preventing other health problems.

While there is no substitute to insulin in homeopathy, professional homeopathic treatment is keyed to manage the metabolic aspect of individuals having diabetes with therapeutic, lifestyle and nutritional measures. This is achieved through appropriate homeopathic remedies, reducing stress, regular exercise and customised diet.

Diabetes is an immunosuppressant illness — it makes the body susceptible to infections, like gangrene, repetitive fungal infections and delayed wound healing, and so on. Homeopathy is immune-boosting medicine. It helps us to ‘up’ our body’s immunity, while protecting against recurrent infections and improving healing. In other words, it helps to control early complications of diabetes, such as nerve, eye disorders and chronic skin problems, before they flare-up, while preventing gangrene, or other sequelae, from raising their ugly heads.


The best part — homeopathic remedies for diabetes can be taken safely, along with your conventional or pharmaceutical medications, including insulin. What’s more, some people eat right and exercise, but they cannot stabilise their blood sugar. Homeopathic treatment is effective in such cases too. The appropriate homeopathic remedy will help to balance blood sugar levels naturally, without side-effects. In other words, homeopathy provides a mild, safe touch, or stimuli, for the body to bring in a sense of balance and harmony. It incorporates everyday life changes; it distils the person’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects, including sensitivities and sensibilities — to usher in healthy, effective and tangible long-term treatment results.


A group of type-2 diabetics was treated with either Daonil 5mg, a conventional medicine, and placebo [dummy pill], or Daonil 5mg and a homeopathic remedy in a prospective clinical trial. Subjects selected had hyperglycaemia [high glucose levels] for over a year.

They were divided into two groups by the matched pairs method, measured by haemoglobin A1 [HbA1c] and random blood sugar [RBS]. At the end of nine months of parallel treatment, satisfactory regulation of diabetes was achieved in 97 per cent of patients in the homeopathic plus Daonil group, in comparison to only 47 per cent in the Daonil group.

In another study, researchers at the University of Verona, Italy, designed an observational swot up to compare the effects of homeopathic therapy with conventional drug therapy for diabetic neuropathy. Over a 12-month period, one group of diabetics was treated with homeopathy and another group of diabetics was put on conventional drug therapy. They were assessed for clinical symptoms and quality of life [QoL] at baseline, six months and 12 months, following treatment.

Improvement from baseline polyneuropathy symptoms was noted in both groups, but only those treated homeopathically reached outcomes that were statistically significant. Both groups experienced improvement in blood pressure and body weight as well as levels of fasting blood glucose and glycated haemoglobin [HbA1c]. In addition, only those in the homeopathy group noted an improvement in quality of life [QoL] scores over the period of the study. The study also noted that homeopathic treatment was more economical than the conventional drug option.

Note: It is imperative that diabetics should not change, or adjust, conventional, or allopathic, medications without first consulting their conventional physician.

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