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Here’s Your Hypothyroid Exercise Plan

Here’s Your Hypothyroid Exercise Plan

Pallavi was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and her doctor advised her to start working out to lose the extra kilos and stimulate her metabolism. Having worked at a desk job for the past 10 years. Pallavi had never given any time for exercise. She was confused where to begin and wondered if she should start gymming or buy a treadmill at home.

Exercise is one of the major factors in successful thyroid treatment. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland is unable to produce sufficient hormones for a healthy body function. This slows down your metabolism and leads to sudden weight gain. Hypothyroidism also leads to constant fatigue, joint pains, muscle cramps and a general feeling of dullness, all of which interfere with the willpower to exercise. Thyroid problems can only be cured and controlled with a combination of a healthy diet, medication, and exercise. If any of these elements are missing, thyroid disorders can resurface.

Like Pallavi, most of us get confused as to where to begin? Different cases of hypothyroidism require different levels of exertion. For instance, someone with mild thyroid problems can take up strenuous exercise forms like a martial art or CrossFit.However, someone with a more severe form of hypothyroidism might experience joint pains which will make exercising difficult. Here we list out five exercise forms that will benefit anyone suffering from hypothyroidism.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a great option to stay fit for people with hypothyroidism. Yoga strengthens your body and focuses on correct breathing techniques. Yoga postures also provide relief from symptoms of thyroid problems such as muscle cramps, constipation, and irregular menses. If you are learning yoga for the first time, do consider joining classes instead of learning online, so that you get the right guidance.

  1. Core training

Ever notice how your tummy is the first part affected by your thyroid problems. Core training focuses on getting your abdominal muscles back in shape so you can feel fit and confident on your way to good health. Core training involves squats, crunches, and weightlifting at a basic level. Consider joining a gym or hiring a trainer to show you how to best work out.

  1. Aerobics

Experts often recommend any kind of aerobic exercise for relief from thyroid problems. Walking is a basic aerobic exercise. You can also take things a step ahead with cycling, dance classes or zumba. Any exercise that makes your heart pump blood faster and improve circulation is good for you.  Be careful not to overexert yourself though. If you suffer from joint or muscle pains consult your doctor and trainer before taking up any extreme activity.

  1. Walking and jogging

Walking is the best way to get started if you are not in the habit of exercising regularly. A half hour walk daily is known to help in weight loss. Once you get in the habit of a daily walk, you can step things up by breaking into a 10-minute jog. This will kickstart your metabolism and help you lose weight. Moreover, walking is the best exercise especially if you suffer from muscle or joint pains due to hypothyroidism. 

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a good exercise to work out your entire body. Infact, those suffering mild hypothyroidism should take up swimming as the perfect body workout. If your thyroid problems cause joint or muscle pain, opt for a different exercise such as water aerobics which will help you work out with minimal wear and tear on your joints. Water aerobics is known to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

Homeopathy and thyroid treatment

Homeopathy offers safe and painless treatment for thyroid problems. Homeopathic medicines are free from the harmful side effects that most of us fear in regular medication. The main objective is to cure and control a health issue for life. Homeopathy never merely suppresses the physical symptoms. Due to its gentle approach, homeopathic thyroid treatment is suitable for young children, patients suffering other diseases, expectant mothers, and the elderly. With thyroid problems on the rise, many are on the lookout for permanent and lasting solutions. Homeopathy offers the ideal holistic healing for thyroid and its symptoms.

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