Hear Your Hair Speak To You…

Hear Your Hair Speak To You…

You know me, don’t you? I am your hair. I am in your genes and genetically or biologically programmed to grow, right from the time you arrived in your mother’s womb. I continue to grow all through your life. Like a child, I need to be loved and care for. But unlike a child, pampering does not spoil me. In fact, I flourish and thrive on attention. The more you look after me, the better I grow. When you neglect me and resort to quick fixes to make me look better, because you are in a hurry, you impact my growth and endanger my life. I may even stop growing, sometimes permanently. Your overdependence on chemical, often toxic hair products and cosmetic salon treatments, where I am coloured, dries, crimped, ironed, burnt, pulled, twisted and sprayed, is detrimental to my well being. For my genuine survival interest, please stay away from: Harmful shampoos high on chemicals which damage me. Use shampoos with natural active ingredients that are safer for scalp than chemicals. Stop using untested and strong cosmetic products. Stop blowing that hot blow dryer which burns me and causes blisters. Cover me when you are out in the sun or where the wind is blowing badly. Please spare me from dangerous burns and damage when you perm, bleach, colour and straighten me. Feed me food high on protein as this is my lifeline. I love fruits, vegetables and nuts. I need adequate water or else I tend to dry and break. Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Iron are required for my wellbeing. I need emotional well being too. I cannot bear high level stress. I grow about half an inch per month in my growing phase, typically ranging from 3 to 7years. Following the growing phase I rest for 2-3 weeks. After I have taken enough rest I go into falling phase. You will find strands of me on your pillow, bed, clothing, comb and brush or simply going down the sink when you bathe me. This is normal. At the end of falling phase, I once more enter the growing phase and begin to grow back to normal size. I can be coarse or fine. The thickness on your head is relative to thickness of my shaft. I come in 3 colors: black, brown and blonde. I am easy to understand and easy to look after. Treat me with care and I will remain with you life long as an essential part of your good looks. When I get frail or sick and need help of a doctor please take me to a Homoeopath.  I love homoeopathy because: Homoeopathic medicines are sweet and I enjoy consuming them. They do not cause any harm to me like conventional medicines do. My surroundings and I are not harmed with Homoeopathic medicines like the lotions which damage me and my surroundings too. When the body gets sick I too get upset, dull and limp. Homoeopathy helps my body environment to get back to normalcy without any side-effects and I can regain strength and shine again. Years are added to my life when you treat me with homoeopathic medicines as it’s effect is always better and longer than conventional medicine.

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