Has your weight stagnated? Don’t be disappointed…

Has your weight stagnated? Don’t be disappointed…

I am 25 and have been dieting and working out really hard to lose weight since last 6 months as in the next 6months time I am getting married and want to look beautiful. My weight was 105kgs and my height is 165cm so according to my trainer, my weight should not be more than 65kgs. Initial 4months were really motivating as I could see visible changes and my weight really dropped down by 10kgs. But since last 2 months I am not losing weight even though I am following a good diet regime and regularly going for my walks and workouts alternate days. My weight has stagnated. At present I have no stress too except for my weight loss. I do not suffer of any hormonal issues too. Can anyone please help me?

Many of us can face this situation in our life. We may follow the best diet regime and work out sincerely but do not get the desired results. There are many who could guide us on our diet. But we need to understand that weight loss is not possible until our metabolism works fantastically. It may temporarily show loss of few kilos but the actual ordeal starts when your weight gets stagnated. Let us understand why this happens?

Leptin plays a major role in obesity as it helps to burn fats… Leptin... The Master Hormone that regulates body weight. It is often referred to as "Satiety Hormone" or "Starvation Hormone". Leptin is produced in your fat stores and its job is to signal your brain when you have taken in enough food.

The Most Effective 4 step Fat- Burning Approach:

1.) Stop consuming all high sugar foods... because if your body has simple carbohydrates it will just use the calories or energy from this source and not bother burning any existing fat reserves.

DON'T bother with the further steps until you have fulfilled and completed Step 1.

2.) Eat a lot of vegetables with beans. Half plate in each meal should be made of vegetables. Prefer raw vegetables and steamed cruciferous vegetables. Their high fiber content makes them very cleansing thus making them perfect for weight loss. So... eat LOTS of Greens...

3.) Eat in adequate proportions and stick to a tight eating schedule. Meals have to be divided into 6 meals per day with no more than 250 Gms of food consumption at a time (better than cutting your stomach to the size of a banana in sleeve gastrectomy). Try to eat the last meal max by 8p.m. Drink water only with lemon or herbal teas between meals and not fruit juices. Chew your fruits well.

Don't start juicing every meal... Use a plate. Cook, prepare, sit down, eat slowly and when you start to feel full then stop. It is easy said than done and you may have to work at this for a few weeks or even a month. But results will be amazing.

4.) Last but not the least... Add some weight training. Do this for minimum 30minutes every other day.

You don't need a gym to do this. Just run in a place, Use staircase instead of elevator. Then, lift some weights and work those muscles.

How would Homeopathy be an added advantage for weight loss?

Obesity is not only a cosmetic concern but also a medical problem. Losing weight is essential for staying fit and healthy. To accelerate the efficacy of the above 4 steps homeopathic medicine will help you to cross the barrier faster. Homeopathic medicines help to increase the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Homeopathy has proved medicines which prevent fat absorption. Homeopathic medicines can help you lose weight by correcting digestion, increasing metabolism and elimination of toxins. Homeopathic medicine takes care of medical, hormonal or psychological causes of obesity. Homeopathic medicines being natural medicines can be safely consumed without any side-effects.

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