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Is Hair loss a worry Dear New Mom…?

Things change once the baby is born. The female hormone ‘oestrogen’ which is high at the time of pregnancy come sharply down to normal and hair moves from the growing phase to the falling phase after delivery. This is normal. In certain cases, it’s stark contrast between hair growth in pregnancy and hair loss post delivery that often alarms some women. Post delivery hair loss may sometimes continue for 6-9months. It does not need medical treatment, a good, nutritious diet that supplements the body with optimal amounts of iron, vitamins, minerals and proteins, is adequate. It can take up to a year to regrow the lost hair after delivery.

However if the hairfall continues for a longer period than expected, or if hair density or thickness, does not seem to improve in spite of proper diet, check for haemoglobin levels and iron levels by doing a simple blood test.

Healing with Homoeopathy

Homeopathy is free from any side-effects. Not only do homoeopathic medicines reduce hairloss but they also protect the body from harmful side-effects that are common with conventional drugs.

Hair lotions available in market to control hair loss are very high in chemicals and can cause a chemical burns on the scalp skin leading to permanent hairloss and scars in the affected areas. Homoeopathy has no such side-effects as the medicines are oral medicines.

Stress is not always a mental stress but physical stress too. With a small baby there are no regular sleep cycles and eating habits also change. This can cause nutritional deficiency. Homoeopathy helps to deal with hairloss related to Iron deficiency very effectively. 

Homoeopathy does not have any side-effects hence can be safely given to mother’s who are breast feeding their babies.

Self Help

Consume iron rich diet. Dark leafy vegetables, egg yolk, red meat and liver, dried fruits like prunes, raisins, apricots, beans, lentils, chick peas and dates.

Drink adequate water. Catch up on sleep whenever possible as good sleep is very essential for hair to repair and regenerate.

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